How Much Does Cabling and Wiring Cost?
(Data and/or Voice)

A professional data cabling company can help guide in all respects when it comes to getting the right network cabling solutions. Here are some important terms and conditions that need to be remembered to ensure the most affordable pricing quotes.

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  • One run of a cable starting from the wiring closet that goes to the server room while ending in the cubicle, office or workstation is called a "drop."
  • Each endpoint requires a drop to setup a phone line or internet connection for a computer
  • More drops may be needed for printer, fax and Xerox machine

Cable Types

  • CAT, short for Computer And Telephone cabling is divided into Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6
  • These types vary in bandwidth capacity, network support and crosstalk
  • For VoIP systems, Cat5e is recommended
Cabling and Wiring Cost

Building Construction

  • For an under construction building, cabling and wiring is relatively cheaper as compared to cabling an existing building.
  • Proper compliance codes need to be implemented if the cabling runs parallel with the HVAC system, fire rated, or plenum cabling.

Average Cost of Wiring and Cabling for Offices

· Network cabling has an average cost range of about $130 to $250 per drop

· The exact cost of wiring and cabling depends on number of drops, faceplate, switches, and network racks

Sample Cost of Wiring

Office wiring for a 40,000 sq. feet area is about $30,000 for a total of 230 drops. This price includes $12,000 for labor.

Things to Know About Wiring and Cabling Cost Estimates

· Estimates cover cabling, labor, material, and installation charges to ensure satisfactory results

· The estimates are valid for the duration of 30 days and for a later date; they can be reviewed to give revised quotes to meet the most current requirements

· Estimates are subject to change depending on unprecedented events

Cost Estimate for Cabling and Wiring

  • Charges Not Covered By Price Quotes
  • Lead and Asbestos Identification
  • PMCS and EHS set these additional charges
  • Sampling of material may be needed to check for asbestos
  • Sample cost per area is about $24
  • Additional charges for asbestos testing, labor and material can increase the per area price is about $100

Cost To Upgrade Wiring To Cat6

· Even though wireless networking is becoming very common in homes and small businesses, many networks cannot function on wireless systems so many techies wish to move onto Category 6 wiring system that can be integrated with the wireless network and operate on 200 MHz

· Cost of cabling per thousand feet is $250

Sample Cost for Category 6 Wiring

  • Consider ten Cat6 lines that are roughly 200 feet for each line and for that kind of network, $600 worth cable is needed
  • Electrician charges include $50 per connection point
  • Miscellaneous expense can be covered by $600

Getting Price Quotes from Recommended Dealers

It is important to always seek out dealers who are professional, reliable, fast, and accessible at all times. In addition, the bid should include precise billing and cost details along with complete list of materials, equipment and insurance policy details, if there is any. Plus, buyers should also get information about the warranties associated with the wiring and cabling job.