How Much Does A Phone Teleonferencing Service Cost?

Businesses look forward to their expansion and use all present day technologies. Conferencing services are one of those facilities small to large business setups use for reaching out to their local and international clients and consumers. Conference call services allow meetings between several attendees for discussing strategies and new plans.

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Conference services can be of many types such as audio; video and web conferencing. For telephonic conference service, there is no need of installing any software or having an internet access. Some teleconference services provide web control feature for the host to share documents and monitor the attendees.

What to Look for in Conference Services

Conference services are rate on the basis of audio and video quality, features and tools and customer support. Here are some points to consider before hiring a conferencing service:

Conferencing Tools and Features

  • Full access to the system
  • RSVPs and automated invites
  • Recording and replay
  • Blocked entry
  • Multiple presenter control
  • Maximum duration allowed
  • Maximum number of participants allowed
  • Mobile Log-in
  • Outlook integration
  • Lecture mode
  • Dial out for host and attendee
Teleconferencing Service Cost

Interactive Tools & Abilities

  • Real-time polls
  • Hand-raising option
  • Survey capability
  • Whiteboard
  • VOIP
  • Social media sharing
  • Call continuation

Sharing & Reporting

  • File sharing

Help & Support

  • Help and technical support available 24/7
  • Live representatives

Conference services Plans & Packages

Conference services can be bought as fully automated or operator assisted. Different service providers offer their service packages based on their individual needs and requirements. Here is a glimpse of packages offered by conferencing services:

Fully Automated Conference Service

  • Instant conference calling facility without pre-scheduling
  • Dedicated number allotted to the host along with host code and conference code
  • Conference call facility can used anytime
  • Unique numbers allotted to each of the participants
  • Initiate call with a single click
  • User can join calls from mobile
  • Free trial offer
  • Free Recordings
  • Option to set personalized greeting/welcome message
  • Manage callers with dial-pad and web control for inbound and outbound calling
  • Unlimited packages and pay-per-use plans available

Operator-Assisted Conferencing Services

  • Moderated or operator assisted call events
  • Helps managing large events involving up to 300 or above participants and 6,000 lines
  • Features include inviting guests, custom greeting, introductions and information collection
  • Maximum call reliability
  • Tools & Scripts
  • Flexibility to cater all kinds of business needs
  • Attendee ID
  • Interactive tools such as manages Q&A
  • Pick up call costs of international participants and provide them local or toll-free access number for the conference call
  • Activation required for international conferencing calling services
  • Web conferencing

Average Prices of Conference Services

  • 1 Phone Line ~ $0.02 to $0.07 (Per Minute)
  • 3 Phone Lines ~ $8.82 to $200.00 (Per Month)
  • 15 Phone Lines ~ $19.00 to $200.00 (Per Month)
  • 50 Phone Lines ~ $39.00 to $259.00 (Per Month)
  • International Call ~ $0.03 to $0.19 (Per Minute)

Prices may increase according to the type of conference calls and environment it will be used. Conferencing services are customizable according to the requirement of businesses easily. There are three common types of conferencing call options that include room-based, one-to-one and telepresence conference calls.