How Much Does A VOIP Phone Service Cost?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service is one of the cheapest phone services a business can have compared to traditional telephone lines. It is flexible and can use the same setup as the old landline. Having this flexibility is a great help to any business and should be implemented if it is going to help productivity. Being over a public internet service, the service should be accessible, have little downtime and be productive. When it is, the benefits to the customer are immense, resulting in less time being spent waiting, easy access to the business, multiple persons can be attended at the one time and staff does not have to stay fixed in the business. This allows streamlining. Staff can also access their supervisor without having to go looking for them. The service can also include pagers.

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Benefits of VoIP phone service

· Internet Connection – with VoIP phone service, all calls a business makes will be passing through the internet and not over copper wires of a local phone company. However, a business must ensure its broadband service is reliable to enjoy this benefit. The broadband service is crucial to this system being affordable, reliable and helpful.

· Software services – VoIP offerings also involve installing a software program and using the software to make calls from one computer to another. Video chat can also be included, and it is possible to make calls from a computer to a phone and using other online messaging, audio and video services. Smartphones are very much a part of this setup.

· Most VoIP service providers offer various packages at different prices. This mostly depends on how much a business is using its phone services and whether the business wants features like caller ID and voicemail. Caller ID can be useful to screen nuisance callers and those who simply want to waste time.

VOIP Phone Service Cost

Points To Consider Before Selecting VoIP Phone Services

The most important thing to consider in a VoIP phone services is its features and services. Some of these include:

· Ability to block anonymous calls

· Caller ID that will allow you to know who is calling

· Call waiting

· Call diversion

· Emergency calls – some VoIP services previously lacked the option to make emergency calls.

However, current providers allow this service to make emergency calls and which is important to consider

· Voicemail – In this case, ensure that the voicemail service can also be accessed online or via email

Sample prices of VoIP phone service

For local VoIP phone service plan, this plan will cost an average of $30 per month. Generally, VoIP phone services are quite expensive. If your business needs a complete package, the price can start from as low as $1,300 to as high as $2,500. This cost will cater for software installation, handsets, and training. The cost can even increase further depending on the number of extensions needed for the business. In fact, the average price of $2,500 only caters for less than 6 extensions.