How Much Does A Web Conferencing Service Cost?

Technological advancements have led to a massive reduction in the travel luggage that business people need to carry with them. For instance, all kinds of conferences and correspondence can now be done by Smartphone, tablet PCs and laptops on the go. Thanks to the advent of the internet, virtual offices are easy to maintain, and a lot more can be done with minimum hassle and capital investment.

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Difference Between Video and Web Conferencing

Web conferencing should not be confused with video conferencing as the two are very different from each other. Video conferencing is focused on two-way video communication because web conferencing allows content sharing and is used for presentations and webinars for larger audiences and for delivering lectures, tutoring by professors, teachers, and experts. Web conferencing allows the users to join from their desktop computers with one-way or two-way audio features. Web conferencing is used to arrange impromptu meeting with business associates that are stationed in any part of the world. International meetings can also be accommodated in the same way very easily.

Web Conferencing Service Cost

What to Look for in Web Conferencing Services

Overall Rating

Web conferencing has evolved in the last couple of years, and many innovations have been introduced for improving communication and data transfer. Rating, features and price comparison prove to be helpful in decision-making and reducing prices.

Tools for the Presenter

  • Particular Application Sharing
  • Post Call Reports
  • Control Passing
  • Polling
  • Screenshots
  • Outlook integration
  • File Transfer
  • Preparation Mode

Tools for the Participant

  • Easy access to audio and video tools
  • Annotation
  • Ability to join meeting without any codes or extra program
  • Toll-Free Calling
  • Managed Q&A
  • Integration with Social Media Networks
  • Image sharing

Features for Different Web Conferencing Services

  • Max Participants for reviewed plans- 25 to 250
  • Max Participants for Max Plans - 25 to 1500
  • Encryption (128 bits and 256 bits)
  • Recording of meetings
  • Mobile enabled and Cloud Storage

Help & Support

  • 24/7 Phone/Chat Support
  • Remote IT Support
  • Operator Assisted Meetings
  • Video Tutorials
  • Online FAQs
  • Service technicians
  • Online operator assistance
  • Cost effective solutions for complex meetings

Video Conferencing Environment Types

One-to-One Communication System

  • System designed to meet one-to-one meeting requirements
  • Feasible for business owners to discuss recruiting issues with other departments
  • Useful for limited staff and small business budget
  • Larger enterprises can extend individual communication lines to individuals
  • Similar to walking into an office for a confidential discussion without intrusion
  • Exclusive server for smooth operation
  • Built-in system for in-house messaging
  • Ability to include outside callers in office conferences

Video Conferencing for Large Groups

  • Ability to connect to a large number of audience
  • Feels like everyone is in the same room
  • Saves money and cuts travel costs
  • Ability to communicate, collaborate and share data with remote participants

Room-Based Office Communicator apps

  • Suitable for larger organizations
  • Participants feel as if they are all in the same room
  • Useful for college students and online learning classes
  • Allows students to take classes remotely via the internet
  • Physical elements that make the room suitable for video conferencing are lighting, soundproof room for increasing focus and attention on people or content

Organizations That Can Benefit From Videoconferencing

  • Students can use it to communicate with their teachers
  • Small businesses can connect with their vendors
  • Sole proprietors can also use it to build customer service
  • Educational institutions can use it to explore learning opportunities

Average Cost Of Setting Up Web Conferencing

Commonly, web conferencing companies charge fee by the minute to their client while there are others that charge a monthly bill. The type of plan depends on user discretion.

  • Per-minute per user average cost ~ 20 cents to 60 cents
  • Monthly charges ~ $60 to $250
  • The cost increases with the size of the business and the number of users. It can be as high as $3,000.