Backhoe Loader Costs - Construction Equipment

Backhoe Loaders are the most common equipment on any job site. These backhoes play a vital role in all kinds of businesses such as residential and industrial construction along with landscaping projects. These heavy machines are the best way to cut down on costs when it comes to moving earth. Therefore, many business owners look for good deals on backhoe loaders.

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Used, Refurbished, New, and Rental Backhoe Loaders

Average price tag that is associated with a Backhoe of about 14 feet to 15 feet is $70,000.

For over 16 feet in height, the price can take a sweep from $84,000 to more than $110,000.

Purchasing a new backhoe loader can be quite expensive for smaller businesses and therefore, renting or leasing options can be considered.

Used backhoe loaders can be reliable and come at a fraction of the price of a new machine. In order to buy a used backhoe, buyers should always go to a recommended dealer.

Backhoe Loader - Cost

How to Compare Used Backhoe Loaders

Overall Condition

  • Is the machine in good condition or does it show signs of worse for wear such as dents, scratches or even patches of rust?
  • Look into the background of the previous owner
  • Where was the machine used in the past? On a farm, at a construction site or was it used by a landscaping company?

Work hours

  • Low work hours imply a better overall health of the loader
  • Machines that are serviced regularly or are used for lighter jobs only are more reliable

Additional expense

  • Added expense is often non-existent
  • By renting, the machine manager, project supervisors, and business owners are able to save thousands of dollars.
  • Used backhoe costs about one-third the price of a new backhoe
  • For example, a used backhoe ranges from $25,000 to about $44,000 while new backhoe loader cost starts at $50,000 and can increase up to $70,000

Attachments and Capabilities

While many people compare horsepower of the different machines to come to a good conclusion, the real strength of the machine can only be determined with the attachments and capabilities such as hauling, digging and lifting. The hydraulic system powers these accessories.

Maximum depth of digging

Digging depth largely depends on the nature of the job. Backhoe models can dig as deep as 7 feet while there are some models can dig as deep as 60 feet. The digging depth is the most important technical factor that needs to be considered when making a purchase.

  • Arm lengths of 15 feet to 16 feet ~ digging depth of about 14 feet
  • Arm length of 14-foot ~ digging depth of about 8 feet to 10 feet
  • Smaller machines are easier to maneuver in tight spots and are relatively more energy efficient as compared to larger models

Backhoe loader bucket width

  • Bucket width is directly proportional to the productivity of the overall process.
  • Width range starts from 12 inches and can be as large as 60 inches
  • Corresponding to this range, the carrying capacity ranges from 2.5 ft3 to 20.25 ft3