How Much Does a New Skid Steer Cost?

Many people are now using mini skid steers to perform a range of construction projects. Mini skid steers are also becoming popular because there are different types of specialized attachments that offer more functionality to these machines. Although they are smaller than the traditional skid steer loaders, they still offer excellent hydraulic power when working on big and small projects. These machines are possibly better than the bigger ones for working inside a building or in very tight spaces because they are very maneuverable and are reasonably easy to place for the work required. A choice between wheels or tracks is very advantageous, depending on what type of base is being worked on. These mini skid steers are often found in landscaping sites and road maintenance places, where the area being worked is quite restricted.

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Skid steer loader is a highly functional four-wheel drive versatile piece of equipment used for a variety of industrial application and purposes to increase the productivity and for cost savings. It is a commonly used for hauling and pushing heavy loads, snow plowing, landscaping, excavation, manufacturing and construction and more. Some skid steer loader models can run on tracks, and they can adjust in tight spaces with their compact design. They provide excellent maneuverability and switching the tools to perform different tasks is easy and less time-consuming. There are many types of attachments and tools available.

Skid Steer Loader Benefits

Versatile and functional for all kinds of applications

Increase productivity and ROI

Higher maneuverability

Leading Dealers and Manufacturers

Skid Steer Cost

There are many manufacturers and dealers that provide various models and tool attachments for this type of versatile machine. Skid steer loader dealer can be selected on the basis of expandability, number of attachments, maintenance, and customer support. Some leading manufacturers for skid steer loader machines are:

  • Bobcat
  • John Deere
  • Caterpillar
  • Gehl
  • JCB

Things to Look for:

· Ideal weight balance

· Speed and cycle times

· Dependable and easy maintenance

· Comfortable, visibility and control options

· Tools and attachments

Benefits of Skid Steer Loader

· Latest models come with better technology and maneuverability

· Easy to operate with the help of advanced features

· Comprehensive system of warranty protection

Skid Steer Prices

Skid steers is a heavy investment and not suitable for smaller companies. New machines can depreciate quickly in a couple of years, and it involves the cost of maintenance. Small businesses can go for the used skid steers machines for them to cut down the expenses. New skid steer cost depend on numerous factors. Higher load capacity, attachments, and added features add up to the overall cost.

Cost of Buying a Skid Steer:

New Machine

· 1,350 lb capacity price starts from $17,000 and runs up to $20,000

· 1,600 lb capacity price starts from $18,000 and goes up to $22,000

· 2,200 lb and more price range start from $30,000

Skid Steer Loader Attachments

· Buckets can be bought for around $1,000

· Pallet forks and augers can be purchased up to $3,000

· Hydraulic hammer and backhoes cost starts from $10,000 and run up to $20,000

· Heating system and cab enclosure can cost up to $2,000

Sample Pricing for Bobcat

New Machines

Small machine cost starts from $12,000 and goes up to $60,000 and above for complex higher capacity skid steers

· 1,500 lb can cost around $15,000 - $20,000

· 2,000 lb can cost around $20,000 - $30,000

· 3,000 lb and more can cost between $40,000 and more than $60,000

Used Machines

Bobcat 620 ~ $5,000 - $7,500

· Capacity: 1,100 lb

· Horsepower: 30

Bobcat T190 ~ $15,000-$20,000

· Capacity: 1,900 lb

· Horsepower: 61

Bobcat S300 ~ $20,000 - $30,000

· Capacity: 2,600 lb

· Horsepower: 81

Bobcat S220 ~ $30,000 - $40,000

· Capacity: 2,300 lb