CAT Backhoe Loader Costs - Construction Equipment

Caterpillar is a globally renowned manufacturer of mining equipment and construction, natural gas engines, diesel, diesel-electric locomotives and industrial turbines. For companies looking to invest in CAT Backhoe Loader, there are online financial services available at their official website. Here are some reasons why the company has gained such a huge clientele across the globe.

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CAT Backhoe Loader Financing & Insurance

CAT Finance is the best option to finance any construction equipment. These solutions work best for both industrial as well as small business investment. Regardless of budget constraints, the company is capable of providing equipment on site in the fastest way possible. The payment plans can be customized as well and the purchased machinery is then protected by CAT Insurance policy.

Different Features of CAT Backhoe Loaders

  • Superior performance of the engine
  • Fully sensing hydraulic system that auto adjusts depending on the work demand, pressure and flow to ensure optimum performance on all engine speeds
  • Comfortable and spacious operator cab
  • Durable and reliable power train
  • Efficient backhoe performance
  • Optimum serviceability and maintenance
  • Reliable electrical connections
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Compare Prices of CAT Backhoe Loaders

CAT machines are certainly not small. These mechanical giants are packed with plenty of horsepower, spectacular features along with high performance specifications. The brand is known for its durability and reliability on some of the toughest sites.

Average Cost of CAT Backhoe Loaders

  • CAT loaders come in four models and the prices start from $90,000 and can increase all the way to $200,000.
  • The most compact model, CAT 416E has a horsepower of 74 and digging depth of about 14 feet comes at a price tag of about $90,000
  • CAT 420E is another power packed model with 89 HP, digging depth of about 14 feet starting at $ 105,000
  • CAT 430E has 97 HP and the digging depth of about 15 feet at a retail price of about $ 110,000
  • CAT 450E is the largest model of about 124 HP, digging depth of 17 feet and has the cost of about $170,000

Average Costs of CAT Backhoe Loader Accessories

  • Cost of basic models with complete operator station can hike to about $10,000.
  • Extra cost is also added by the backhoe bucket that can range from $1,500 to 4,000 excluding the installation charges
  • Automatic transmission can cost an extra $3,000
  • Tire upgrades can add another $1,000 to as much as $3,500

Making payment for CAT Backhoe Loader

Private lenders, banks and other finance services can help buyers to purchase CAT construction equipment. CAT finance service is also available for business owners who cannot invest enough money to make an outright payment.