How Much Does A Mini Excavator Cost?

Compact or mini excavators are used for digging in small to medium sized construction projects. These machines can be hired for demolition at construction sites. Only trained staff can operate these compact digging machines and controls.

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Compact Excavator Features

  • Tracks to move on rough terrains
  • Wheels to run the machine on smooth surfaces
  • Rotating upper structure called cab for controlling digging arm, attachments and working gear
  • Dozer blade for trenching, leveling, grading, and backfilling
  • Various functions such as digging, demolishing and slewing can be performed by using different attachments
  • Zero tail swing feature does not allow the machine to exceed specified track width while turning and prevents any accidents
Mini Excavator Cost

About Mini Excavators

Compact excavators with small footprints can easily handle tough tasks and need little room to fit into tight areas easily. The machine can be used for digging or demolition with the help of appropriate attachments. Common wheels, buckets, excavators and compactor rippers and plates are some of the attachments used for compact excavators. The user can sit in a cab to control and operate the machine. Most mini excavator models have rotating cab for better performance, ease of control and enhanced maneuverability. Mini excavators can be used on any rough terrains and grounds or smooth surfaces with the help of tracks and wheels. Every compact excavator model has its certain benefits and uses.

What Kinds of Projects Can Be Accomplished with a Mini Excavator?

A compact excavator is perfect for all types of construction projects and varieties of jobs. Mini excavators are used for:

  • Demolishing small structures and sheds
  • Creating irrigation ditches and trenches
  • Digging holes & garden ponds
  • Repairing sewer lines & for removing stumps
  • Flattening landscaping & for plowing snow

Considerations for Buyers

  • For operating these powerful, compact excavators, the operator should be properly trained
  • Go through instructions and follow precautions as mentioned by the manufacturer in the manual
  • Buy mini excavators after testing the machine and its controls in an open area with leveled surface
  • Consider mini excavator with rotating cab to see the area and for moving the machine safely
  • Mini excavator machine can move in two directions only; forwards and backward
  • Compact excavators are designed small enough to be fit in tighter spaces and strong enough to replace manual labor in larger areas
  • Mini excavators are good enough to be used for site preparation, backfilling, leveling and grading
  • Compact excavators are less than half the cost of full-size versions

Price Factors for Mini Excavator

The price of new compact excavator depends on:

  • Size of machine
  • Digging depth
  • Horsepower
  • Features

Average Costs to Buy A Mini Excavator

Prices of new mini excavators can start from $20,000 and run up to $90,000.

Dig depth - 5-7 feet with 10-20 HP version can be bought for around $25,000

Dig depth 8-10 feet with 20-30 HP model can be purchased for around $30,000 to $40,000

Dig depth 12 feet and above with 40 and more HP version is sold around $60,000

Mini excavator attachments can be purchased between $5,000 to $10,000. An additional bucket may cost around $1,000