How Much Does a Mini Skid Steer Loader Cost?

Many people are now using mini skid steers to perform a range of construction projects. Mini skid steers are also becoming popular because there are different types of specialized attachments that offer more functionality to these machines. Although they are smaller than the traditional skid steer loaders, they still offer excellent hydraulic power when working on big and small projects. These machines are possibly better than the bigger ones for working inside a building or in very tight spaces because they are very maneuverable and are reasonably easy to place for the work required. A choice between wheels or tracks is very advantageous, depending on what type of base is being worked on. These mini skid steers are often found in landscaping sites and road maintenance places, where the area being worked is quite restricted.

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Benefits of mini skid steers

They are versatile, compact and highly maneuverable machines, meaning that they can handle different tasks much easier. Since they are small and mobile, they can work in small areas and perform a multitude of tasks in one area. Unlike conventional skid steers, mini skid steers are easy to use making it easier for operators to adapt quickly when working on large projects. Because they are easy to use, this makes it easier for operators to finish their projects fast and more effectively. In addition, they reduce manual labor hence can guarantee efficiency.

Mini Skid Steer Cost

Disadvantages of mini skid steers

  • Capacity may be restricted for safety reasons
  • Not as much safety protection as the bigger machines
  • Comfort can be poor because these machines need the operator to walk and stand beside them and not ride
  • Attachments are limited because of the weight factor of the machine
  • Because they are becoming very popular for very small jobs that do not require their bigger cousins, it may be difficult to get a rental/lease term that suits the person requiring it for a short term only

Points to consider when looking for mini skid steers

· Ease of use – mini skid steers should be easy to use. Before purchasing, leasing or renting mini-skid steers, ask for their manuals because most of them come with operational manuals.

· Flexibility – mini skid steers should be flexible and work in areas where large equipment cannot go.

· Cost versus benefit – it is important to consider cost versus benefits and this simply means determining what it will cost you to hire an employee and how much it will cost you to buy, lease or rent a mini skid steer over its expected life.

Prices of mini skid steers

Mini skid steers are expensive and this is why most people lease or rent them instead of purchasing them. The cost of renting skid steers will vary based on the provider. On average, it will cost you $167 to rent a mini skid steer for a 4 hour job. Average daily rental is $230, weekly rental is $650 and monthly rental is $1,800. If you want to lease for one year, this will cost you an about $14,400.