New Backhoe Loaders - Features and Options Costs

Backhoes are the most important construction equipment because they play a vital role in reducing labor and project overheads. Over the years, technological advancements have led to a large number of new features, options, and capabilities in the backhoe loaders. In order to make the best choice, it is important to understand these features and the pros and cons of each system.

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New Innovative Features

  • Joystick control much like an excavator system
  • Valves to change pattern
  • Complete ride control
  • Increased controllability, ergonomics and efficiency
  • Design features to increase productivity
  • More engine power
  • Higher fuel efficiency
  • Minimized stalling or overloading

Latest Options and Features of New Backhoe Models

  • Transmission system with five different speeds reaching top speeds of about 25 mph
  • Auto shutdown, economy mode and auto idle features
  • Complete ergonomic single lever control
  • Keyless start with a module containing sealed switch
  • Redesigned innovative cooling system that is much easier to clean
  • Autoshift option
  • Power curve allows unrestricted visibility
  • Extendable dipperstick
  • Bucket teeth designed for maximum shock absorption and maximum strength
  • Arm chair with complete air-suspension
  • Tilted adjustable steering wheel
  • Convenient handholds
  • Clear unobstructed view of the attachment and coupler
  • Service points available at ground level
  • Elaborate diagnostic tests
Backhoe Loader - Features and Options Costs

New Additions to the Overall Feel Of the Backhoe

The overall drive and feel of the backhoe is sometimes, the deciding factor in making or breaking a purchase deal. Therefore, many prominent manufacturers focus on the hydraulic tuning. Smooth modulation is established by redesigning the hydraulic valve spools; enhance multitasking and instant response to the input from the operator.

Open or Closed Servo Controls

In the mid-90's, servo controls were introduced to replace mechanical levers to reduce the labor and fatigue on the operator's end as servos require less muscle. The joystick control was also developed for similar reasons. If the operator is comfortable, productivity shall increase manifold. Plus, the ergonomic advantages make it easier for the operator to work on a 7- 10 hours long shift.

The operator is more comfortable on a machine with circuits that are open-center. In such cases, the backhoe has the ability to power through the trench and goes over obstacle easily. Such loaders also have a valve block with full flow. The closed circuit machines adjust to the obstacles and increase power automatically.

Easy, Intuitive and Fewer Controls

  • Intuitive controls allow a much easier and effective operation
  • Operator has easy access within the cab and can handle the loader without searching around as everything is close at hand
  • These controls are also placed ergonomically to allow more comfort
  • Single lever control

Average Cost of CAT Backhoe Loaders With Features And Options

The four basic models of CAT loaders have a series of new and advanced features that create a diverse price range starting from $90,000 and shooting all the way to $200,000.

  • CAT 416E, 14.3 feet deep digging capability with 74 HP costs over $85,000.
  • CAT 420E, 14 feet digging depth and 89 HP costs $87,000.
  • CAT's 430E, 15 feet digging depth and 97 HP has an average cost of $100,000.
  • CAT's 450E, 17 feet digging depth and 124 horsepower costs about $160,000 on average.