How Much Do Skid Steer Attachments Cost?

Skid steer attachments are what make skid steer loaders more versatile and functional. These attachments can be found in various projects including construction and landscaping projects. Depending on the project, they can complete different tasks that are limited by the imagination of the person that operates it. In landscaping for example, they can be used to move dirt, pulverize and smooth yards. Skid steer attachments are available in different sizes and this makes them ideal for both small and large projects. Attachments can be had for refining a project with landscaping, roads and other works. Attachments for lifting large loads up onto storage pallets well above the floor can be had, making this type of work much easier and the loads stacked better, saving space.

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Benefits of skid steer attachment

Since there are various types of skid steer attachments, these makes them offer versatility to skid steers. They can be adopted to perform different tasks such as snow removal, mowing, landscaping, material handling, demolition and manufacturing. They are easy to use and do not need much training to handle. This is because once you have an attachment all you need is to attach it on a skid steer.

Disadvantages of skid steer attachments

  • Be sure to choose the right size bucket otherwise the weight of the full bucket load will tip the machine over
  • Attachments may not fit properly, thus leaving the operator open to severe injury if the fitting fails or lets go
  • Some attachments are very expensive for the amount of time they are needed
  • Attachments may not be suitable for the vehicle
  • Because the required attachment is in heavy demand as a rule, it may be hard to come by, or the rental/lease may be far beyond people's budgets
  • People are inclined to take more risks with their personal safety with these attachments, disbelieving their risk when in operation
Skid Steer Attachements Cost

Points to consider when looking for skid steer attachments

When looking for skid steer attachments the points to consider include;

· Compatibility – always ensure that the attachment is compatible with the model and brand of your skid steer. If possible, go for a universal attachment because this will be compatible with all major skid steer brands.

· Warranty - skid steer attachments are mostly sold with limited warranty. Therefore, ensure that you get the warranty in writing before you purchase the attachment.

· Cost – while cost has always been a consideration when purchasing skid steer attachments, this should not be the case. It is important to research widely on the best attachment that will offer you better services.

Sample prices of skid steer attachments

Prices of most skid steer attachments fluctuate. The least expensive attachment can cost around $500 while the most expensive attachment can cost over $30,000. In addition, the cost will depend on the type of project you want to undertake. Low-end skid steer attachments cost an average of $1,800, complex attachments cost an average of $5,500 and highly complex attachments such as cold planers cost an average of $18,000.