How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Skid Steer?

Skid steers are becoming the most important equipment for homeowners and contractors alike. They have many uses and are capable of working in locations where other construction equipment cannot go. Skid steers can be used for many projects such as preparing a site, moving heavy materials, install irrigation materials, do heavy digging in landscaping projects and clear yards before sodding among other big projects. Skid steers can be bought while others are offered on rental basis. Owning one depends on the type of project you want to undertake. Sometimes it is cheaper in the long run to opt for renting a skid steer instead of purchasing one outright as whomever wants to use one immediately, it may be better to rent the machine for a certain period then pay an extra payment and own it outright. This allows capital to be built up along with the business while also gaining clients to offset the rental.

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Benefits of skid steers

It is easy to own a skid steer. If you do not have enough capital to purchase a skid steer, you can lease or rent a skid steer on short term basis. This is also the case if you want the skid steer to complete a one or two week project. Skid steers are more flexible and can work on any site and on different projects that need heavy equipment. With the various attachments that are now available for these machines, anyone who wants to use one of these machines can almost have control of any project they have going on.

Skid Steer Cost

Points to consider with skid steer rental or leasing

Before you decide to rent or lease a skid steer:

· First, evaluate the needs of your project before making this decision.

· Note that there is a difference between renting and leasing. Only rent skid steers if your projects are small or can be completed within a week or a month. Similarly, only lease if you have projects that are likely to last more than a year.

· Evaluate your projects to be able to determine the type of skid steer that is best suited for the project you want to undertake.

Disadvantages of leasing or renting a skid steer

  • The business leasing or renting for a certain time is going to throw away money if the machine is not needed almost every day
  • Unless there is a clause in the rental contract, upgrading the machine is not possible
  • Sometimes the rental or leasing period may be too long, adding unnecessary cost
  • The machine being leased may not be the right one for the work expected of it

Cost of skid steer rental and leasing

Since rental and leasing are different, their prices will vary. This will depend on the model of the skid steer, your location, and the supplier. If you want to rent a skid steer for an hour, this will cost you an average of $70 or between $200 and $600 for a 24 hour rental. Leasing is more expensive and it will cost you an average of $30,000 to lease a skid steer for one year.