How Much Does It Cost for Janitorial Services?

Businesses should not have to focus on keeping their floors and windows clean. The time used for these tasks should be devoted to gaining new prospects and making the business stronger. There is a real need for small and large business to employ business janitorial services to help in this situation.

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Pros of Hiring Business Janitorial Services

  • Time consumption

Time is money and by hiring a business janitorial service, a tremendous amount of time can be saved easily. It helps in focusing more on core business-related functions.

  • Quality & Satisfaction

Business janitorial professionals are trained to keep your office spotless and healthy. Untrained persons would find it very hard to match these skills.

  • Enhanced Productivity & Performance

The employees of a business are hired to find new opportunities or clients and not to clean the office unless specified.

The staff can concentrate on their work, instead of being distracted by some patch of grime somewhere

A clean office may contribute to fewer staff absences

Commercial Janitorial Service Cost

Cons of Hiring Business Janitorial Services

Business janitorial service is not always budget-friendly

Expenses are quite heavy and may increase when involved with healthcare or delivery

May involve losing time while the business is cleaned if times cannot be set

Costly to maintain cleanliness standards such as sanitation and sterilization of buildings

Hazardous waste requires special training for the janitors

Smaller Office Cleaning Services

DIY is the cheapest alternative. The only expenses that are occasioned then are the cleaning materials and a little time, right? Wrong. The cleaner may need to handle needles from diabetics in certain circumstances or those from a drug user. This will require training. Maintaining a floor's appearance can also entail learning ways and special means to do so. Insurance should also be considered if any cleaning entails being 12 inches from the floor or surface of the room, or clients are going to be present. Learning what materials are not harmful to the environment or clients is also to be learned. Time, any of the office staff, use to clean the building or office is time they could use elsewhere on proper business work, like catering to clients and growing potential clients or checking resources.

Large Office Cleaning Services

Large offices need commercial-grade cleaning equipment, and it takes more time than cleaning a smaller area. Overall, business janitorial service saves time and money both to larger organizations and commercial setups. DIY is not recommended for huge setups with a large number of rooms and staffs.

Business Janitorial Services Extras

Anything that is going to take extra resources and manpower is going to cost more. Outside cleaning of windows and the building are actions that need additional skills and insurance. Floor waxing and stripping are actions from inside but also need extra supplies and skills. The business the cleaning concerns will be looking at an extra cost of at least $0.10 to $0.30 per square foot. Additional staff may also be required to help. Some of the special janitorial services are mentioned below:

  • Floor waxing
  • Floor polishing
  • Power washing (Exterior)
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet dry cleaning

Factors That May Impact The Costs of Business Janitorial Service

  • Area of operation
  • Frequency of hiring cleaning service
  • Geographic location
  • Special services

Average Cost of Hiring Business Janitorial Service

Most business janitorial services may charge a flat rate. The charges are per square foot of area to clean. This may vary between at least $0.05 to $0.10 per square foot. This rises fast if you require specialist treatment to some areas, such as waxing the floor or externally cleaning the windows. Any business requiring a janitorial service should also factor in the expense for insurance.