How Much Does It Cost for Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services?

Carpets are usual where there is often a great deal of traffic, such as theaters, displays and areas where the items on display require delicacy to ensure very few marks i.e. garment shops. Some businesses enjoy the use of carpet also to make their customers feel more at ease. However carpet requires more care than an ordinary wooden or tiled floor in its upkeep and health as well as wear.

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What Type Of Carpet Flooring Will Need Professional Cleaning Services?

Any carpet that endures feet frequently and many of will need to be deep cleaned periodically. The carpets that line the floors of theaters usually will need a deep clean once per month, or, if the show is wildly successful, even once every two or three days.

Carpets that are used in areas where very young children gather may also qualify for more frequent care. These carpets can be spot-cleaned by anyone each day, but a usual rule is to deep clean once per week.

Any carpet that is frequently used by many will need professional cleaning often to retain its quality and freshness.

Carpet Cleaning Service Cost

Points to Consider Before Hiring A Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

  • Estimate the amount of dirt the carpet will be subject to over a period
  • Choose your budget
  • Visit other businesses that have carpet and examine their carpets for cleanliness
  • Check the make of the carpet and read the instructions for cleaning
  • Do not choose the one who offers the cheapest rate

Frequency of Hiring a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet cleaning depends upon the frequency of use and requirement that varies from business to business. Usually, a six-month gap is enough for most residential and commercial setup. There are two methods to clean the carpets: steam cleaning and chemical based cleaning.

Average Cost of Carpet Cleaning Service

Residential Carpet Cleaning Costs

The typical house may have 1,000 square feet of carpet in some cases. Some set a national average cost of cleaning a carpet professionally at around 20 - 30 cents per square foot. This would average a regular house with carpet about $250 to clean.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Costs

  • A theater will have more carpet used. Depending on the size of the theater the cost may be a lot more.
  • Other professional carpet cleaners decide to charge for the room. This can work out to be less expensive if all the rooms are not carpeted. Some rooms will cost $15 while others will be in the area of $40.
  • If extras are required, such as Scotchguard, this will be around $5 - $10 per room.

General Cleaning Costs For Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning services provide some extra services such as moving furniture, and removing pet stains, but they will cost more. Furniture cleaning prices vary per piece: a couch may cost up to $80, armchair up to $40.

  • $15- $40 for a room
  • $250 for a regular house
  • $0.25 - $0.40 cents per square foot of carpet
  • $5 - $10 for extras requested
  • Odor and pet stains removal ~ $35 to $90 and above
  • Stairs Cleaning ~ $2 to $3.00 (Per stair)