Commercial Floor Cleaning Service Cost

Floors are a part of a business that clients often see or feel first. If they are scratched, dirty or grimy, it is not a good first impression. Because of the lack of time, many businesses opt to employ commercial floor cleaning services to maintain their floors to a clean, shiny surface. Using cleaning options will also maintain the floor, reducing the need for expensive repairs and replacements.

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What Type Of Hard Floor Needs Commercial Floor Cleaning Surfaces?

Any hard floor needs the attentions of a professional, from an ordinary house to a Church floor. Dirt gets inground, tiles lose their luster and scratches become far more distinct in wood when it is not maintained correctly.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Service Extras

Carpet cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

Furniture cleaning

Tile cleaning

Hardwood floor deep cleaning

Grout cleaning

Air duct cleaning

Residential/Commercial Water Removal

Window cleaning

Pool cleaning

Commercial Floor Cleaning Service Cost

Average Commercial Floor Cleaning Service Costs

This is going to depend on what area is needed to be cleaned. Some businesses start at $25 per hour and work up from that with the additional requirements. Size of the office or home will also factor into the cleaning quote. Some offices, such as doctor's surgeries and health buildings, may require daily servicing, so may be eligible for discounts. Areas such as pools, where many people congregate, are also likely to need regularly cleaning .

Commercial Cleaning Service - Some Costs to Ponder

Area of operation

Some commercial floor cleaning services will charge on the basis of the amount of floor space available to be cleaned. This can have wide variations, from $0.05 per square foot to over $0.20 per square foot. Where the business is situated can have an effect on the price. Major metropolitan areas are usually less expensive than those situated further in rural areas.

General Costs

  • Charges Per Square Foot

$.05 to $.10 per sq. ft. charge to clean 10,000 square foot in approximation

$0.10 to $0.15 per sq. ft. Charge to clean 50,000 square foot approximately

  • Charges Per Hour

Hourly rates may also vary. This could depend on the amount of people in the team or other factors. The usual quote is around $20 -$50 per hour.

Light Commercial Cleaning Service Charges

So-called light cleaning such as wiping over surfaces and cleaning the bathroom are usually on the lower end of the scale. Heavy cleaning, for restaurants and deep cleaning for others, is considered more expensive.

If the business requiring the cleaning is going to need it often, then a deal may be worked out between the needier and the supplier. This can be a flat monthly fee if the cleaning work does not vary, and the office, or business is small. A discount may be applied if the work is always heavy but involves the same type of work.

Heavy Commercial Cleaning Service Charges

These are often based on a recurring usage, whereby the client agrees to a contract of several months or years. Where personal work is required, such as doctor's surgeries and restaurants, then the client should expect to pay more.

  • A flat fee of $100 to $200 is usual for a small office but can extend to $800 per month
  • A bank could expect to pay around $2,000 -$5,000 per month or even more if security is involved while the cleaning takes place