Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Service Cost

Anyone who has a restaurant or deals with large amounts of food is going to face health and safety regulations. This will include the premises as a whole, but mainly is focused on the kitchen. Food must be prepared according to a strict regime, and this often results in quite a mess left behind. While one can get away with being a little slipshod in their home kitchen, for those dealing with the public, their preparation surfaces, utensils and stoves or ovens must be spotless before they start the day's work.

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Choosing the Kitchen Cleaning Service

There are a lot of ways businesses can choose their kitchen cleaning service such as:

  • Advertise for a private cleaner with appropriate certificates
  • Go through the training yourself and carry out the work
  • Ask friends who have businesses who they recommend
  • Personally check out the cleaning services for businesses in relevant niche
  • Invite companies for a walk-through and take note of their attitude and questions
  • Ask for recommendations from others who have had a service for a long time
  • Advertise for a commercial cleaning company
Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Service Cost

Why Use a Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Company

  • Commercial companies have the experience
  • They usually train their staff to do the work quickly and well
  • Discounts can be had for long-time service to business
  • They usually have the latest environmentally friendly equipment and cleaners
  • They are usually able to work around client's time-table
  • Client is able to cancel the service if it is poor and not satisfactory
  • The cleaning service fits into small budget

When Not To Use a Certain Service

  • If they are reluctant to explain what cleaning methods they use
  • If their cleaning agents are not environment friendly
  • If they do not have a clause extracting client from any damage
  • If they ask virtually no questions about what client wants done
  • If their work is not up to the client's standards or that of the health and safety checkers
  • If there is nothing to let the client opt out after a certain time for their own reasons or their lack of attention to detail
  • If they will not give all details in writing

What Are the Usual Things to Consider When Hiring a Kitchen Commercial Cleaning Service?

  • What size is the kitchen
  • How long since it last had a professional clean
  • What parts of the kitchen will need special attention
  • Is there a lot of nooks and crannies that will need special care
  • Is there a lot of stoves, microwaves or ovens
  • What type of floor does it have
  • Are there windows or air conditioning

Average Prices

Finding an average price for commercial cleaning is probably not an easy task. All the above features have to be considered, as well as how many times per year it is intended to give the kitchen a deep cleaning. Most times, commercial cleaning service for kitchen is available at around $50 - $150 per hour, depending on the location and the number of team members. Think of the amount of work, which needs to be done. Opting for a 2-member team charging $50 per hour when they may take several hours to clean the kitchen may be false economy. It may be cheaper to have a larger team charging $100 per hour taking far less time. Depending on the situation, it will depend on which team amount is selected.