How Much Does An Industrial Floor Stripping Machine Cost?

Commercial cleaning industrial floor stripper is the right step in the right direction to keep floors clean, shining, and as good as new. Janitorial services are fully experienced and staffed to provide best results and these services can be hired on contract basis.

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A Look at Industries that Require Commercial Cleaning and Floor Stripping

Janitorial services are customized to meet the need and requirement of facility managers, landlords and building owners in industrial market, institutional and commercial property management firms. Some of the industries that need floor stripping and commercial cleaning are:

  • Construction
  • Government and Private Industries
  • Corporate Campuses/Facilities
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Industrial, Institutional and Manufacturing
  • Banking and Retail
Industrial Floor Stripper

Floor Stripping and Cleaning Projects

Contractual cleaning is done based on:

  • One time only
  • Days per week
  • Can be tailored according to the individual requirements

The Function of Stripping Machine

Stripping leaves dirty stained floors looking like new so buying a stripper is definitely the right move. Floor stripping machines are versatile and leave the floor ready for the polishing. The machine consists of rotating discs that are used on the floor to remove the finish. Some models of stripping machine can do multiple functions simply by changing the pads on it. Maintenance for hard surface of different types of floors begins with removing the existing finish. The heavy-duty floor stripping machines can strip away the acrylic finish and dig deep to remove stubborn buildup and finishes.

Floor Strippers Commonly Used On

  • Wooden Floor: Stripper removes the varnish and wax finish
  • Cemented Floor: Rotating discs of machine strip away stains, residues, floor wax and paint
  • Tiled Floor: Stripping machine removes the wax and other types of finishes
  • Stone Floor: The stripping machine effectively removes dirt, stains, grimes and wax

How Often Floor Stripping is needed

The mount of stripping for floors depends on:

  • Low or high traffic area
  • Type of flooring
  • Wear and tear of floor
  • Condition of floor

Prices of Floor Stripper Machines

Commercial cleaning industrial floor stripper can cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000. Mode of operation also impacts the price of stripper such as an electric machine can be purchased from around $500 to $1,000. The amount of drum and area can add to the total cost of machine. An electric stripper with burnisher feature can be bought for around $2,000 to $5,000 price range. Propane stripper and buffer machine can cost anywhere between $35, 00 to $45, 00. Machine free stripper with 55 gallons (per drum) capacity may cost around $1,000.

Accessories for Floor Stripping

Solution ($4 to $26 per gallon)

Pads ($20 to $70 per case)

Brush ($250 to $550 per brush)

Commercial Cleaning Industrial Floor Stripper Pros

Eliminates stains on baseboards, low shelves, walls and segmented carpeted flooring

Floor stripping machine models with rings help in keeping the cleaning agents and solutions on the floor

Increases efficiency and reduces labor and saves time

Enhances and increases floor life and good looks