How Much Does An Industrial Floor Scrubber Cost?

There are many reasons why industries, factories, and offices choose commercial cleaning industrial floor scrubbers. These special scrubbers are flexible and deliver high performance with ease of use and good quality for money. The scrubbers are designed to ensure smart use of chemicals and water and allow optimum flow rates.

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Different Features & Performance

  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Greater safety with enhanced productivity
  • Floors are thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed in a single pass
  • A wide array of models that are flexible to adjust to the needs of the clients
  • Almost noiseless service below 65 dB
  • Battery operated equipment
  • Scrubs the floors to a shine without tiring out the employees
  • Reduction in labor costs
  • Fitted with changeable brushes and discs to reach all nooks and crannies of the space
  • Reduces time consumed otherwise and workers can work without fatiguing
  • Significant reduction in overheads and labor costs
  • With the help of interchangeable heads the cleaning process is done more efficiently
Industrial Floor Scrubber

Major Considerations for Selecting Commercial Cleaning Industrial Floor Scrubber

  • Connectivity: The machine is connected with an electric power source. Some of the more expensive models run on batteries that are considerably greater when it comes to mobility and ease. Corded models are less costly but they are less mobile.
  • Coverage Area: As much as the machine covers, the area or the amount of area the machine can clean in an hour (per square foot) helps in determining the model and features.
  • Cleaning Time: How quickly the scrubber can perform the cleaning process is another important factor that plays a role in the selection of the right model.

Cleaning Features and Maneuverability

A floor scrubber for school may not be appropriate to use at a warehouse. For the school with lots of furniture and obstacles on the floor will need a maneuverable and a smarter machine that is smaller can provide ease and convenience. On the contrary, for a warehouse with uncluttered floor and large width spaces, a ride-on machine is the best.

Average Cost of an Industrial Floor Scrubber

Based on Specific Mode of Operation

  • Push Machine (Manual) costs between $500 and $2,500
  • Walk-behind Scrubber costs between $4,000 and $12,000
  • Ride-on Machine costs between $10,000 and $50,000

Based on Maintenance Plan

  • For routine service and inspections add about $499 to $1,000 per year

New Floor Scrubber (Sample Prices):

  • A 20" walk-behind floor scrubber may cost around $6,000 in New Jersey
  • A walk-behind scrubber may cost approximately $3,000 to an Arkansas health care company
  • A ride-on floor scrubber machine cost about $9,000 with warranty to Wisconsin manufacturer

Used Floor Scrubbers (Sample Prices):

  • Approximately $1,500 are needed for buying a walk-behind 26" floor scrubber machine in Ohio if, you are in event planning business
  • Roughly $3,500 are required for a walk-behind floor scrubber machine in Pennsylvania if, you are a manufacturer
  • Agricultural business may have to spend around $15,000 for floor scrubber with full warranty in California

Factors That May Affect the Pricing of Commercial Cleaning Industrial Floor Scrubbers

Prices are subject to vary significantly based on

New Scrubbers:

  • Features and capabilities
  • Warranty packages
  • Accessories and additional features
  • Size
  • Mode of operation
  • Coverage area (Per Square Foot)
  • Cleaning time (Per hour)

Used Scrubbers:

  • Capabilities and accessories
  • Condition of the machine
  • Warranty Packages
  • Size
  • Mode of operation
  • Coverage area (Per Square Foot)
  • Cleaning time (Per hour)