How Much Does Office Coffee Delivery Service Cost?

Many people simply cannot function without their daily shot of some fluid and for many it is coffee. It is a common sight to see them heading through the door to work clutching various shapes, sizes and makes of cups holding a brew. The trouble with that idea is that it often is cold by the time they get to their desks, or it has become far too bitter from over brewing. For many companies, it is so much easier to supply the ingredients and the makers and let the employee make their own.

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Where did the idea come from?

Not so long ago tea and coffee makers were simply a huge urn parked somewhere out of the way, with packets of tea and coffee and milk and sugar derivatives nearby. Perhaps a packet of digestive biscuits were there also. This graduated to having a staff member come around on scheduled breaks to supply the drinks. As people's tastes have changed, sophisticated coffee machines and tea makers have taken the place of this person. The machines are ready and can deliver a drink that has not had time to brew and become bitter.

Are there other ways to supply employees with coffee or tea?

These days, there are special services which are mobile and come at selected times to deliver both food and a choice of beverage to employees. Sometimes the drink service is in partnership with a particular brand of food which delivers a choice of edibles at the same time. By using this service, the employee does not have to leave their desk and can work as they eat, saving time. While some of these services may deliver the basic drinks and condiments, others now are very sophisticated in that they can supply a certain type of drink, such as a flat white latte or herbal tea. The supplier of the food may deliver gluten-free sandwiches or a certain type of diet for diabetics.

Office Coffee Delivery Service Cost

How does it work?

The service will have different blends and types on the machines they use to make the drinks. Employees can order the drink they want each day and often are encouraged to leave their preferences with the supplier, who can then simply make the drinks or food up when they arrive. Food is the same, with different types available for different diets.

Who owns these services?

Most of them are owned as franchises by personal owners. A big franchise such as Starbucks will use its own contractors, as do Jamaica Blue and others. Some cafes will supply a service to people who would usually use their cafe if the person is overwhelmed with work and cannot get to the supplier.

How are these franchises bought?

The major company may wish to have a satellite company doing only food and drink deliveries in a particular area, but not build an actual building. Bidding for tenders offers is usually placed in newspapers or somewhere where the notice will come to the public's eye.

Sample prices:

A McDonald's franchise is around $300,000. Financing is done by the franchisee. Some franchises start from the low $20,000 and range up to the high millions. $20,000 will get a product that is very basic and will require building up so the franchisee can make a good living for the family.