How Much Does Office Water Service Cost?

Water is essential for life, and clean drinking water has many benefits to workers at a workplace. It is important to supply a sufficient amount of water daily for keeping physical and mental health in best condition. Water helps in improving performance and increasing the energy level. Water removes waste products in the body, and it is an effective toxin remover. Reducing the amount of water intake can lead to many serious illnesses and disorders such as headaches, obesity, indigestion, decrease in mental focus and alertness of mind and dizziness. Good clean, tasty glass of water makes all the difference in increasing the productivity at the workplace.

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Office Water Supply Cleanliness

The U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) considers bottled water as a type of packaged food. This means it comes under the same standards of labels and safety as an actual foodstuff. Water goes through various checks and balances before it is released to the public, including being bottled in clean conditions, undergoing stringent tests for bacterial contamination and being sampled regularly for any problems.

How is water supplied to offices and businesses?

Water can be delivered in packages of small bottles to be refrigerated, or a large bottle, which is connected, to a dispenser and plastic cups are provided for use. These cups are then disposed of responsibly. The dispenser may be connected to electricity and has a cooling cell enclosed that keeps the water at a temperature which is very cold. The bottle is replaced each time it empties out and is cleaned and sterilized at the supplier's office. New bottles are placed back on the dispenser, or maybe left as spares beside it to be replaced at the user's convenience. Another way of delivering chilled water to an office is to dispense with the bottle and load the dispenser with the water. It then follows the same pattern of usage as the bottled water. Some suppliers also include a filter as a further block to contamination.

Office Water Delivery Service Cost

How is the water purified?

Back at the factory the bottles are given a thorough clean and sterilization each time they are returned. The water goes through a purification process which removes any debris or contamination from the water before it is bottled once again. The dispenser itself is thoroughly cleaned or should be, especially the dispenser nozzle, every 3 -6 months. This, of course, will depend on the amount of use. The reservoir is dried and cleaned every 3- 6 months also.

Are there many brands of bottled water?

This will depend on which country the office is in, but generally there are many suppliers. Neverfail and Blue ridge are two such suppliers in America. In other countries, the suppliers could be subsidiaries of these companies or native ones.

Sample prices:

Bottled water can be at different prices; depending on how long the supplier has been in business, how far they have to go to service the clients and where their depot is. The amount of people who are needed to be supplied with access to the water, whether the water is supplied in bottles or a dispenser and other factors will determine the price. Generally prices are between $6 - 10 per bottle supplied with the large size. A dispenser without bottles will cost $30 -$50 per month. This may be the cheapest option for those offices with a large employee base.