How Much Does A Restaurant Cleaning Service Cost?

In the restaurant business, almost nothing is as important as cleanliness. Food can be excellent and staff top-notch, but if the restaurant is dirty, customers do not come back, and the restaurant may end up closed down by the health department inspectors. Any sign of old baked-on food, utensils that are obviously not clean are issued a warning. Having the business closed down is expensive and more so when it could have been avoided by a little planning.

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Restaurant Cleaning Service - Points to Consider

Apart from creating delicious dishes, the business has got to keep abreast of health standards for that area and the State. These include the following:

  • Determine cleaning needs and area to be cleaned
  • Decide on cleaning service on based on frequency of use or cleaning schedule
  • Consider the type of cleaning service
  • Check health regulations, certifications and other credentials
  • Management understanding the ins and outs of the cleaning requirements
  • Perform a background search and demand references
  • Go through testimonials and check track record of the cleaning company
  • Arrange a meeting and discuss details, procedure and define terms and conditions for the cleaning service
  • Ask specific questions about their frequency of cleaning team's visits to the restaurant, training, and their experience
Restaurant Cleaning Service Cost

How to Select the Restaurant Cleaning Service

  1. Plan the budget to cover any extras, such as bad spills, stains, and concealed corners
  2. Have a list of businesses that can be contacted for a walk-through of the premises
  3. Check the references, both from customers and health officials if the cleaning business is registered for working food businesses
  4. Request the cleaning agency to do a walk-through
  5. Ask questions pertinent to the food business
  6. Enquire if they outsource any of the work required to be sure that only one bill is issued
  7. Also ask if their cleaning products meet environmental standards

What Areas Are Needed To Be Frequently Cleaned?

  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Exhaust

Restaurant Cleaner: Factors to Consider Costs

  • How big the restaurant is in square feet
  • The length of time since it last had a deep clean
  • What are the floors made out of
  • Are there many ventilation points
  • What food is going to be cooked
  • Are there any concealed corners near to where the food is prepared

Average Cost per sq. Ft/hr

All cleaning businesses have different wording for a particular action. Light cleaning may be considered vacuuming, dusting and wiping over of surfaces and may set the owner back very little - e.g. $0.03-5 to $0.30 per square foot. This usually ends up around $15 - $150+ per hour.

A complete carpet clean will often be within the realms of $0.05 to $ 0.30 per square foot, depending on the amount of cleaners and work involved.

Cleaning a kitchen involves more than just a sweep or vacuum. The business may have only been cleaned cursorily by its last owners periodically and, for this reason, need a very thorough deep clean this time around. Deep cleans are usually necessary about every 4 months, but they will set whoever owns the restaurant back around $40 - $150 per hour. This will also depend on the size of the crew used.

If the restaurant is small, the owner may opt to have the outsourced cleaners come in once a week and do the rest of the cleaning themselves.