How Much Do Office Chairs Cost?

Office chairs should support the back and help in preventing slumping over. The feet should be placed on the floor and not left dangling in the air, which can lead to pain and poor blood circulation. Office chairs should be selected keeping ergonomics in mind. The distance between the chair and table should allow the users to reach the keyboard without stretching their muscles. The height of the chair, the size, armrests and backrests should provide comfort and relaxation to the user. It helps in improving performance and productivity.

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Factors to Consider for Buying Office Chairs

· Determine the use of office chairs

· Determine the amount of time the user shall be in the chair

· What will the user do while seated in the chair

· A variety of features can add to the level of comfort for the user

· An ergonomic chair is better than a plain chair

· Ergonomic chair helps in reducing operator discomfort and fatigue

· Consider buying an ergonomic chair for highly adjustable features and control

· Office chair should support the lumbar region

· Consider chairs with padding to support the body and prevent slouching

· Ergonomically friendly chairs will reduce the stress in the neck, spine, arms, legs and shoulders

· Learn about different mechanisms of the office chair such as tension tightness, tilt angle, and other controls

Office Chairs Cost

Features to Look for in Office Chairs

· Seat Height

· Seat Depth

· Seat material

· Upholstery or Fabric

· Lumbar support.

· Backrest

· Armrests

· Swivel

· Price

Popular Office Chair Brands & Pricing

Raynor Ergohuman

Ergohuman ~ $650

Suitable for tall and big buyers with high back, breathable full-mesh, and excellent lumbar support. The features of this stylish chair beat many other expensive brands in the market.


Soma Comfort TJ Tall Back, Custom ~ $503.30

SomaComfort chairs provide lumbar support and reduce the neck, shoulder and upper back tension.


Markus ~ $200

IKEA chairs are available at dirt cheap prices. IKEAs provide lumbar support and breathable airy option.

Herman Miller

Sayl Chair ~ $459

Embody Chair ~ $1,409

Herman Miller chairs come in striking colors and affordable but they lack customization and adjustments features.


Diffrient World Chair ~ $779

Aeron ~ $930

Made from the recycled material the Herman Miller chairs are lightweight, self-adjusting and airy.


Zody ~ $961

Hayworth is focused on providing high-class ergonomic chairs and comfort to the sitters.


Leap ~ $850

Steelcase chairs are a result of extensive research methods to provide complete lumbar support to the sitters.


Acuity ~ $1,450

Allsteel chairs are esthetically and ergonomically excellent with easy to reach control levels and many other cool features.

Prevention of Injury and Illness in the Workplace

Musculoskeletal disorders affect the nerves and muscles and lead to illness and injury in the workplace. Seated in awkward body posture can expose the sitter to MSDs. Therefore, ergonomic chairs are preferred to lessen the stress and muscle fatigue and increase the performance and productivity. Ergonomic chairs cost can be between $1,000 and $2,000. Some top office chair brands according to the U.S. Ergonomics are:

· Humanscale ~ Freedom costs around $1305

· Allsteel ~ Acuity costs $1250

· Knoll ~ Life sold at $1240