How Much Does Electronic Medical Record Software Cost?

Electronic medical records (EMR) were initially launched to replace the paper form of the doctor's SOAP note with an electronic version. However, thanks to Obama Care, it has become mandatory for practices all over US to keep electronic medical records. These records contain all kinds of patient and clinical data for the practice or the entire health organization setup that might be spanning more than one state in some cases.

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Basic EMR functionalities

· Track and keep a record of patient data

· Make smart and timely clinical decisions

· Keep track of appointments, follow-ups, and appointments

· Statistics for cholesterol level and blood pressure

· Track data necessary for billing and scheduling

· Prescribe medication electronically

EMR Software Benefits & Advantages

Electronic Medical Record software is inevitable for doctor and patient both. The increase in demand for quality healthcare services and contained costs has led to the growth of EMR software industry. There are many EMR software certified by American Recovery Act (ARRA) in the market these days and here are some advantages discussed below:

Benefits of EMR from a patient's Point of View

· Faster and better diagnosis and prognosis

· Relatively lesser chances of errors in personal records

· Faster and better health care due to proper clinical decision-making

EMR Service Cost

Advantages of EMR software from healthcare practitioners' Point of View

  • Reduced run-time cost in terms of administration, billing and office resources
  • Better cash flow and revenue management
  • Increased document management
  • Faster and secure sharing of patient information
  • Quickly and securely share patient data within the practice and with other hospitals
  • Digital records save filing space and paper
  • Increase the number of patients, better patient workflow and enhance productivity
  • Efficient e-Prescribing to ensure safer prescription of controlled substances

Average Cost of EMR Software

EMR software vendors provide different pricing packages depending on the nature of the practice, the functionalities of the EMR being offered and the number of providers in the practice. Also, the system computers, training, deployment and technical support are other features that determine the cost.

  • For an on-premises EMR software, the average licensing fees can be from $1,500 to $5,000 on a per provider basis.
  • For a small practice, this cost might be about $10,000 to cover for both the software and hardware resources.
  • The same features cost about $50,000 for a mid-sized practice.

Cost per Provider

Some companies also offer EMR as SaaS (Software as a Service). Such EMR software are usually server or cloud-based and require little to no specialized hardware. The pricing is usually on a per provider basis and is about $500 on an average. Setup charges start from about $1,000 and can be as high as $3,000.

Cost per Month

Some software vendors charge a monthly fee for the EMR software. This cost ranges from $250 to $500 per physician per month. For every new patient that is registered with the system, the company charges an additional $0.50 to $1.00 per patient record.

The vendors provide ASP, ensure uninterrupted power, proper and timely fail-over and all-time backups.

Cost of Client-Server EMR

This software is for low-end practices and is an affordable option starting at $1,000 to about $6,000. Additional charges may cover from hardware and software resources. For a mid-sized facility, the price can be as high as $50,000.

Hourly charges

  • Implementation charges on an hourly basis start at $75 to $150.
  • Average hardware costs for a tablet PC system starts at $2,500 and can be as high as $3,000.
  • Server based systems start at $2,000 to about $14,000.