How Much Does if Cost to Rent A Mobile Office Trailer?

There are many financing options to own a mobile office trailer that include purchase, rent, and lease. Rent a mobile offices trailer is a suitable option to have it on a temporary basis for some days, weeks or months. Many customers prefer leasing if they need to hire the office for a little longer duration. The option to lease demands a long time commitment, and it involves penalties if the office trailer is returned before the lease period is over. Purchasing a mobile office trailer involves a heavy cash investment or high monthly installment. Renting a mobile office trailer is suitable for saving money and short term commitment. Though rental prices can go higher, and it can turn out to be an expensive option as compared to leasing.

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Rental Benefits

· More flexible than leasing

· Short term commitment

· No penalty for returning the mobile office

· Renting is affordable and fast way to add space

· Helps in expanding office space quickly

· Ready to use and pre-manufactured

Rental Considerations

· Insurance

· Regulations

· Size

· Capacity

· Space Requirements

· Optional Features

· Configuration

· Delivery

Office Trailer Rental Cost

Compliance with Regulations

Purchasing, leasing and renting a mobile office trailer requires the customer to ensure compliance with state, federal and local regulations. Specific regulations apply to the use and where the office trailer will be parked. The company is required to maintain liability insurance before renting a mobile office unit.

Office trailer Sizes and Capacity

Size configurations and capacity may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Usually, an 8' x 20' is suitable for up to 12 persons and 14' x 64' size is suitable to accommodate a large group of people. Multi-sectional mobile office trailers can be used to increase the width and add more space. The size and configuration can be determined by knowing the number of employees such as allow around 150 square feet to every person in the mobile office and add additional square footage for bathroom or other luxuries.


· Electrical

· Telephone

· Interior Options

Optional Features

· Industry specific features

· Closets and filing cabinets

· Additional furniture

· Bathroom and restroom

· Partition walls

· Coffee and conference areas

· Vinyl siding, skirts, ramp and shingled roof

Mobile Office Trailer Rental Pricing

Mobile office trailers are useful for all those industries and locations where constructing a permanent building and structure does not seem to be a feasible option. From schools to large corporations invest in mobile office trailers, and they can be leased on around $100-$500 lease per month. Rental mobile office trailers are priced higher during the busy seasons, and the rental value can vary by goods, services, and region. Approximate rental prices are mentioned below:

· 8' X 20' small office trailer cost can start from $100 and go up to $250 per month

· 10' X 40' mid-sized mobile office can cost between $150 and $300 per month

· 12' X 60' large size office trailer can rent can start from around $300 and run up to $500 per month

Delivery and setup ~ $1,000 - $1,500

Removal ~ $300 - $1,000

Set of Steps ~ $20 - $50 Per Month

Skirt ~ Around $500 - $800

Plumbing (Bathroom) ~ $200 - $400