How Much Does A Portable Storage Container Cost?

If you have a self-storage facility, you should consider portable storage containers to benefit your business in various ways. Because they are mobile or portable, they can be placed anywhere within your facility especially in positions where buildings have not yet been built because of zoning restrictions and space limitations among other factors. Being mobile, these storage containers can be moved at short notice if where it is situated is not suitable and placed somewhere else. Although many like to leave these containers where they are purchased from, sometimes it is simply not practical, and so a better place is sought. If the portable storage container is to be used as a temporary showplace or display center, it may make more sense to place the container closer to the public instead of at a designated parking area. While the heavier storage containers are not meant to move large or short distances, these are made for mobility and so are often equipped with moving devices to make it easier. These containers are a very easy way to transport a business from town to town. Portable storage works well with goods that are sold from vehicles, travelling libraries and some display only shops.

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Benefits of portable storage containers

Portable storage containers serve as a better convenience to your customers and are a good solution for those that want to create more space to store their goods. They also offer a standout option to grow your business within your industry. They are visually appealing and you can easily match them to the color, signage or finish of your existing facility. Their portability nature allows them to be placed in covered or open spaces and which can help in generating more revenue if you decide to rent them immediately.

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Points to consider before implementing portable storage containers

· Space – First, determine the available space at the facility that can easily be utilized by the portable storage containers. To ensure enough space, prep the area to determine whether the unit will fit properly.

· Surface area – you should ensure that the area where you will store the portable storage container is level enough before you receive the container. The gravel should be tighter but surfaces such as dirt, asphalt or concrete can also be better as long as the surface is level.

You should note that just because portable storage containers can be placed anywhere does not mean that they will be stuck there for long. For this reason, ensure that it can easily be relocated or repositioned in a different area before implementing it at your facility.

Sample prices for renting portable storage containers

Rental prices for portable storage containers may vary. On average, you can rent a 5' x 5' portable unit for about $40 per month while a 20' x 20' portable storage container will cost you about $200 per month. Different providers will have varying rental prices and getting quotes from a few will give you the ideal price to rent a unit.