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How Much Does A Digital Color Copier Cost?

Color copiers have made it into the office environment and have become a permanent fixture there. Most modern copiers are digital and serve in different capacities. These multi-function machines have been given the name, multifunction printers (MFPs). They can now scan, fax, email and, of course, copy documents at a fast pace.

Features Of Modern Color Copiers

  • Double-sided printing, stapling and sorting
  • Email and Scan documents and papers to clients as well as co-workers
  • Capability to print directly from memory device or fax documents to the PC
  • High-resolution color display of touch screens
  • Retractable full-size keyboard
  • Remote front control panel

Factors To Consider When Buying Color Copier

Print Speeds

Print speeds vary depending on the model and technology of the copier- some provide 20 pages per minute while others allow as much as 70 ppm

Lower print speeds are suitable for small businesses while educational institutes require larger standalone models that allow faster prints.

Hybrid models

Color copiers cost more depending on the features and print quality. Depending on the nature of use, the buyer has the choice between monochrome and color copiers. There are hybrid models of copiers too that allow the users to switch back and forth between color and B&W.

Digital Copier Cost

Cost Of Color Copiers

Previously copier machines cost a small fortune. Thanks to advancements in technology, color copiers cost about the same as B&W version.

Different factors that affect the price include print speeds, toner, and ink.

Sample Cost Of Copier

Monochrome mid-volume MFP with an average speed of 20-40 ppm ~ $15,000 to $20,000.

Color copier with same features and specifications ~ $25,000.

Color Printers

Colors printers are streamlined for all kinds of home and business needs. There are many types of printers available in the market with different page printing speeds and other features. Laser printers are the best for offices for printing color documents and photographs.

Types of Printers





Consideration for Buying A Printer

  • Speed
  • Tasks & functions
  • Graphics quality
  • Maintenance
  • Toner & ink and drum units replacement costs
  • Paper feeder
  • RAM capabilities
  • Life expectancy
  • Dots Per Inch or DPI

Checklist for Buying Printer

· Check if 1-year warranty is available

· Check if the lease option is available

· Adequate for business needs

· Additional equipment and supplies are affordable

Average Cost of Color Printers

Low-cost color printer with moderate volume price may start from $95 and go up to $350. A mid-level machine can begin from $400 and goes up to $900. The cost of multifunction color to manage high-level needs can be bought between $900 and $4,000.

Tips on Buying Used Printers

Used and refurbished printers are economical for small to medium sized offices. There is some buying consideration to keep in mind for used printer on sale. Check if the warranty of parts and labor has not expired. A minimum of 1-year warranty with no cost of shipping and tax is the best option for business to save some money. Brother EMFC-9440CN Multi-Function color laser printer costs around $329.98 with free shipping and no tax offer.