How Much Does A Postage Meter Cost?

Postage meters are one of the best mailroom solutions for businesses. Replacing stamps with postage meters helps streamline mailing processes in a business and this makes it easier to send mails within a fraction of time. At the same time, they help save money that would have been used in labor and postage. Staff no longer has to rush out and waste time standing in line at the post office to buy stamps, then attaches them to envelopes. With the newest versions, postage can be folded, stapled, sealed and a variety of other actions which may be required. Unfortunately, in some places these machines can only be leased or rented and not bought, because of government regulations. It is possible to lease or rent these machines with either manual insertion of the postage or automatic.

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Benefits of Postage Meters

· Postage Meters offer businesses a cost effective way of effectively managing outgoing mail.

· They negate the business need for an extra member of staff to frequently visit the post office since immediately the mail is entered, it can be placed in any post box office.

Postage Meter Cost

Points to consider when choosing postage meters

When it comes to choosing postage meters for the business, the most important factor to consider is hidden costs of these services. There are many costs most businesses may not know and some include;

· Postal download fees – this mostly happens when the postage amount in the meters is running low. This is also the time when an office wants to load more onto the machine and unexpected download fees may occur in this process.

· Equipment insurance – this happens if a business is not aware that a rented postage meter needs to be covered under equipment insurance. The problem is that some services charge this fee without properly disclosing it to their customers.

· Extra trial periods – most services offers trial periods at a discount in order to attract new customers for a certain period of time usually 6 months. After this period ends, it is important to ensure that no charges are applied.

· Unreliable invoicing – this mostly occurs with large postage meter service providers who have many customers thus increasing the chances of poor invoicing or late receipt of invoices resulting in being locked out as a result of late payment.

Prices of Postage Meters

Postage meters are mostly offered on rental basis. The rental fee will depend on the service provider or any other added features. Typically, most providers offer their services from as low as $17.95 while others offer advanced services from as high as $70.

Sample prices of Postage Meters for Small - Mid Sized Businesses

Neopost IJ-25 ~ Rent at around $22 low volume, ink cost 1000 letters up to $28 (20 Letters P/M)

Neopost IS-280 ~ Rent at around $20 low volume, ink cost 1000 letters up to $35 (25 Letters P/M)

Neopost IS-330 ~ Rent at around $47 low volume, ink cost 1000 letters up to $21 (30 Letters P/M)