How Much Does A Wide Format Printer Cost?

Printing projects today require more than the normal 8.5 x 11 inch papers. Graphics projects, large photos, architectural plans, maps and many more require large printing equipment and pages. Having a lot of smaller pages, which then have to be connected somehow, is time-wasting and can be costly, both in paper and in time if it is not connected properly. People who do not have large printing equipment outsource to get their projects printed which can be quite expensive, and the purchaser may not get the best quality. Cheaper printing may end the buyer up with paper that smudges gets grimy very quickly, tears and does not hold information well. As the finished project may have to be presented before many eyes, folded and transported, the paper or material should be sturdy enough to cope and the wide format printer comfortably able to cope with the extra bulk.

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Benefits of Wide Format Printers

Wide format printers handle time-intensive and large projects and can print hundreds of sheets in a very short period of time. These printers use specialized ink, which create crisp images and print on different media types such as banners, film, adhesives and fabrics among others. Wide format printers are best suited for businesses that create photos, banners or any type of graphic to be used for various purposes such as exhibition and outdoor advertising. They have roll technology that allows the use of rolls of materials in the printer to increase the length and width of the created project. Some of the best printers can print projects as wide as 64 inches, giving many options to create large and beautiful images. This prevents the waste of paper and allows the smallest detail to be included in whatever is being printed at a size it can be read. The images appear clear, crisp, and pleasing to the eye. Fumes from the printing for ecological considerations should also be evaluated, for both the environment's sake and the user.

Wide Format Printer Cost

Points To Consider When Choosing Wide Format Printers

Before you choose any wide format printer, your selection criteria should be based on:

· The type of wide format printer

· The printing speed

· Color against black-and-white wide-format printing

· Print size and wide format printing technology

· Print quality

· Reliability, service, support and training

· Costing against outsourcing

· Ecological impact and emissions need to be considered also

Price Comparison of Wide Format Printers

If you need an indoor high-quality wide format printer with an output of up to 60 inches wide and offers low running cost, such a printer can cost about $6,000. If you need a wide format printer for outdoor use, you can choose from many products. A printer that can print on cast vinyl, fabrics, and polymeric vinyl, canvas, and photo papers and does not have harsh environmental impacts, the printer can go for about $17,000. Wide format printers have different prices based on the brand, and the best thing is to budget for about $8,000 to get a printer with an output of about 60 inches.