How Much Does An ATM Machine Cost?

Many business places such as restaurants, bars, and offices can make use of an automated teller machine. It is important to analyze all the factors in order to make a smart purchase. Many business owners can also look into used ATM Machines for sale or get them on lease as well. For financial solutions, many authentic dealers can help in finding the best deal at the most affordable price.

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Benefits of Buying an ATM Machine

  • Businesses that receive more than 150 customers daily can benefit from the ATM Machine.
  • The machine can successfully cater to the cash needs of the customers and employees.
  • The money invested in the cash machine can be used to earn more because each transaction is followed by a rebate.
  • It is the easiest way to reduce time and resources of the EFTPOS.
  • The patrons can check their balance before making a transaction.
ATM Machine Cost

Requisite connections for an ATM Machine

  • The ATM can be connected with the Bank's server- Telephone and Broadband in two main ways.
  • A dedicated telephone is needed so that the customers can make queries
  • A broadband connection may be used to link with the Bank's ethernet

Businesses That Can Benefit From ATM Machine

  • Armored models to make sure that the machine is secure
  • To find the ideal location, online experts can help the buyer

Maintenance Requirements after Purchasing the Machine

  • The ATM Sales & Services department is responsible for making repairs, supplies and maintenance
  • There are dedicated services that deal in maintaining machines from other dealers.

Getting ATM on Lease

  • Depending on the nature of the business, the ATM can be leased or purchased.
  • In case of lease, the client is responsible for maintaining the repairs and supplies.
  • The buyer needs to study the lease agreement thoroughly.
  • Study the service agreement if the buyer aims to buy the ATM
  • Analyze the warranty
  • The lease contract should have a clause that allows the user to opt out of the lease in case the machine does not perform according to expectations.

Make the Right Calculations

If the machine is worth $2,500; it's not a smart choice to get $150 per month at a 60 months lease contract. In that case, the client may end up paying a lot more.

Even though, $150 per month seems much more affordable than an outright payment of $2,500, it can lead to an expensive deal.

Discuss the Details with Business Accountant

  • Ask the accountant to weigh the pros and cons of a monthly payment against an outright purchase
  • What are the annual tax deductions?
  • Always buy the ATM Machine from a recommended wholesaler

Average Costs to buy an ATM Machine

  • ATM machines range from $1,500 all the way to $30,000 in cost.
  • Free standing ATM machine~ $4,000 to $7,500 or more
  • A built-in ATM machine ~ $5,500 to $12,000
  • Refurbished ATM machine ~ $1000.
  • Without a cassette or a dispenser, ATM machine ~ $1,300 to $1,900.