How Much Does A Commercial Ice Machine Cost?

Commercial Ice Machines are useful for large restaurants, bars, hotel kitchens and other food service providers. Some high bracket commercial icemaker machine brands offer top-notch features and a variety of sizes, types, and payment options.

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Commercial ice machine sizes can be up to:

  • 400 lb
  • 601 lb
  • 1,000 lb
  • 1,400 lb
  • Over 1,400 lb

Different types of commercial ice machines are:

  • Undercounter icemaker
  • Flake ice machine
  • Nugget Ice Machine
  • Cube ice maker
  • Outdoor Ice machine
Ice Machine Cost

Commercial Ice Machine Benefits

· Commercial ice maker is ideal for large production capacity

· Produces a large amount of ice and storage option

· Can be rented or leased to save on the heavy costs of buying a new machine

· Used machines are also sold in the market

· Consistent supply of ice for the customers

Things to Consider

· Amount of ice production needed per day

· Large and heavy built commercial machines need a lot of space

· Installation considerations include the availability of power, proper drainage, and PSI

· Select the appropriate ice cube machine type

· Self-contained units are easy to install as compared to other types

· Air cooled ice machine condensers are not energy efficient and noisier

· Water-cooled ice machine condensers cost less to operate energy but use more water and are quieter

Some Popular Commercial Ice Machine Brands and Sample Pricing

Below are some popular commercial ice machine brands and prices of some popular models:


Hoshizaki commercial ice machines offer unique crescent shaped ice cube. The ice is slow to melt and keeps liquids cool for a long time. The company offers 3 years warranty on parts, labor, and 5 years warranty on compressor and condenser coil on different models of icemakers.

Some popular Hoshizaki ice makers are following:

· Hoshizaki AM-50BAE-AD Air Cooled 55 Lb Top Hat Undercounter Ice Machine ~ $1,699.99

· Hoshizaki KM-515MAH Air Cooled 501 lb Crescent Cube Ice Machine ~ $2,500.00 - Finance $69 Per Month

· Hoshizaki KML-631MAH Air Cooled 575 lb Crescent Cube Style Ice Machine ~ $3,010.00

· Hoshizaki F-450MAH Air Cooled 22" 493 lb Flake Ice Machine ~ $3,125.00 - Finance $86 Per Month


Scotsman commercial ice machines provide reliable production of ice. Scotsman ice machines are one of the popular brands in the market with a vast variety of ice cube maker models. Scotsman's ice maker produces gourmet, nugget, and flake and cube ice. The ice cubes have the capability of retaining the flavor and chewable.

· Scotsman C0530MA-1 Air-Cooled 525 LB Medium Cube Ice Machine ~ $2,594.00 - Finance $71 Per Month

· Scotsman F1222A-32 Air-Cooled 1100 LB Flake Ice Machine ~ $5,107.00 - Finance $141 Per Month


· Ice-O-Matic ICEU150FA Air-Cooled 185 LB Full Cube Undercounter Ice Machine ~ $1,599.99

· Ice-O-Matic CD40022 120-LB Capacity 22" Wide Hotel Ice Dispenser ~ $2,399.00 - Finance $66 Per Month


· Manitowoc IY-0454A I-Series Ice Maker ~ $2550.00 - Lease from $49 Per Month

· Manitowoc I-606 I-Series Ice Maker ~ $3117.00 - Lease from $63 Per Month

· Manitowoc RN-1078C QuietQube Ice Maker ~ $4669.00 - Lease from $99 Per Month