Business Phone Systems

Top 15 Business Phone Systems (VoIP)

Business Phone Systems

Business phone systems are present with numerous advantages over the usual approach in voicing communication. And as the internet has become such easy access, businesses nowadays tend to switch to VoIP.

Having a business phone system can do a lot more for your business than you think. It can be the answer to your prayers for optimizing the way you handle your business as it helps in reinforcing customer support efforts, boosting productivity, and even reducing communication costs.

Whether you want to replace your business phone system or administer one for your company, here are the Top 15 Business Phone Systems


RingCentral offers powerful options to large enterprises and even small businesses as it is made to contribute and help communication to flourish in companies in a more efficient way. Deploying globally is also not a problem as this offers outstanding features which are team messaging, integrated workflows, omnichannel contact centers, and analytics. This business phone system is perfect as it is an all-in-one phone, with text messaging, as well as video conferencing.

Four pricing plans were made that depends on the types of features that the company highly needs. The monthly rates for subscription go from $19.99 up to $49 per user. They also offer a free trial anyone can sign up for.

Best Features:

Flexible Cloud PBX

Looking for a cost-effective and flexible phone system? Then the RingCentral’s cloud PBX feature is for you! Inclusive to the features offered by the PBX hardware, this allows you to configure the system in accordance with your needs which will let you have access to every PBX feature without the need to purchase any more auxiliary software.

Robust Collaboration Tools. Every success in business operations comes heavily from communication. RingCentral heavily anchors that reason. They are equipped with file sharing solutions, conferencing options, and project management tools as it helps maximize your employees time as well as be able to seamlessly make collaborations within your company.

Mobile-Ready Phone System

As entrepreneurs, managing your business by keeping up with the changing times are dire. That’s why RingCentral is perfectly mobile-ready, allowing you to use it from any technology that you have, either your cellphone or your laptop, anywhere.


Freshcaller is another phone system, yet this one prides on its easy setup requiring you with no additional hardware. It is equipped with a customizable cloud PBX system that can be easily adjusted which comes with powerful conferencing and call handling features present with real-time call center insights.

There are also options open for freelancers as they also offer a free basic phone system through Sprout plan. In circumstances that need more advanced features, the Blossom plan and Garden plan can be another option. Its monthly cost is around $19 up to $40 per agent. A free trial is also available for this phone system.

Best Features:

Smart Call Handling Features

Freshcaller provides you with intuitive tools that you need, AND from multi-level IVR, shared lines, A voicemail customization, or customer call routing that allows you to handle calls efficiently and give people the best customer service. To help avoid downtimes, it’s also equipped with real-time phone provisioning and call failovers.

Communication Management Functionalities

For analytics and real-time reports, Freshcaller also has a centralized dashboard that lets you view call queues, monitor ongoing calls, oversee agent availability, and for future reference, even record conversations.

Supports Different Kinds of Phone Numbers

With its various phone number options, whether you will need a local number, a port-in number, a toll-free number, or an international number depending on your business, the Freshcaller system can support it as it allows entrepreneurs to be able to build their branding.


Perfect for both your sales and support teams, JustCall’s cloud-based business phone software comes with multi-device systems that can range to multiple locations while still keeping your operations centralized from your headquarters.

JustCall also supplies you with a local number that can make customers think that there’s an office in the area that will make them not worry about having extra charges from the service given to them. To attract customers, even more, this also comes with the option to organize a toll-free number. Moreover, it can also be incorporated into a wide array of software that can be easily added to your tech stack.

Best Features:

Cost-effective Rates. With lower rates for SMS and voice calls

JustCall ensures to inspect each provider around your area for it to be made possible. It even offers volume discounts perfect for businesses dealing with large numbers of calls each month.

Any-device Support

JustCall is very flexible when it comes to integrating on software as it works with any device, from iOs to Android. It also allows you to oversee everything from a dashboard regardless of the device you are using.

Automated Tasks

Repetitive calls can be inefficient and tiring for every agent, that’s why this phone software also has automation that can lessen an agents’ load as it allows users to dial more numbers and speak with even more customers.


Created with SMBs in mind, CloudTalk is a call center system that is online. It comprises state-of-the-art VoIP technology that lets you deliver call routing and advanced call center management as well as detailed statistics that can help with better performance monitoring.

As for CloudTalk’s pricing, it offers bundles that depend on your needed features which range from $15 up to $35 per user/month. Discounts are also offered for those who choose to have an annual billing plan. For entrepreneurs who have more specific phone needs, a custom plan is also available. It also offers a free trial for those who are interested.

Best Features:

Advanced Call Management

CloudTalk comes with an array of functionalities for call management. This ranges from personalized greeting to call queueing to contact tagging and call routing. That’s why, no matter how complex the process for your calls can be, CloudTalk is sure to handle it. To add even more, this also has a built-in customer card system that allows you to record client details that are important that your agents can refer to in the long run.

Comprehensive, Scalable Interface

Scalable, GDPR-compliant, and highly configurable, this solution can easily adapt to your existing setup and workflows. It even has an open API tool that lets it integrate with more than 25 third-party applications such as help desks and CRM.

In-Depth Call Insights

As for administrators and managers, CloudTalk allows them to easily review each of the agents’ call center performance through its features that come with reporting tools and analytics that allow the collection of call data. This generates reports on call times, missed calls, answered calls, etc. This way, it is easier to evaluate and assess how they manage calls in the future.

Ooma Office

For small businesses, Ooma Office as the VoIP phone service is perfect for you. With phone office features that consist of virtual fax, call transfer, call park, voicemail, ring groups, intercom, and virtual receptionist among others. Along with these are tons of mobility features such as SMS messaging, call forwarding, virtual extensions, and more.

Ooma Office costs just $19.95 each month per user. No contract signing is required which allows you to scale up and down at any time. Add-ons are also present if you want to extend its service and capacity and hardware is sold as well. These features can be tried through the free trial it offers.

Best Features:

All-inclusive Price

Instead of the usual pricing from other platforms that varies based on how many phone lines you need and features you would have to use, Ooma Office offers only a flat rate of $19.95 per user/month. Along with this all-inclusive price are a toll-free local phone number, a virtual fax extension, and a conference extension line that does not require a fee to set up.

Virtual Receptionist

An amazing feature of the Ooma Office is its ability to greet callers that will keep them engaged enough until an agent is available to answer. It can also route a call from one virtual receptionist to another as it has a multi-level Virtual Receptionist system, which comes in handy for automatically narrowing down the customer’s purpose.

Device Outage Protection

In times where connectivity issues happen, the Ooma Office allows you to specify a number that will forward automatically so no cases of missed calls can happen.


Used by Uber, Pipedrive, Birchbox, and Seatgeek and over 3,000 companies worldwide, Aircall is a phone system that is trusted by many. This platform allows users to call and get calls anywhere, instantly obtaining numbers of over 40 countries as well as route calls with no hassle. It also has call center tools that can help with your business’ customer service efforts.

As for Aircall’s pricing, it has a Premium package that costs $30 per user/month and an Enterprise plan that is $50 per user/month. An annual billing with discounts is also another option.

Best Features:

User-Friendly Interfac

Aircall’s virtual call center is very easy to navigate. It is made to help to find the numbers you need in a quick manner and is designed to monitor employees without any hassle. Interactive voice response is also present ensuring you that your call is directed to the right person, making communication a lot easier.

Great Call Center Features

As it requires a lot of work to provide quality customer service, using Aircall’s great call center features will help enhance operations as it allows employees to be grouped by skills. A bird’s eye view can also be done on all calls that require follow-ups. To help with the implementation of the hands-on management approach, it also has whispering tools and call monitoring.

Professional Business Phone Features

As Aircall understands how each business requires tons of communications tools to optimize their performance, this platform offers an array of professional business phone features that range from forwarding and call conferencing to queue callback options to time-based routing.

Yeastar Cloud PBX

Another communication platform is the Yeastar Cloud PBX that assists PBX service providers and telecom resellers and allows them to give their customers UCaaS solutions and cloud-hosted business phone systems. It is a setup that enables both their phone as well as communication needs to deliver an optimized caller experience while scaling with the company’s growth. Yeastar Cloud PBX also lets their customers set up a PBX through the use of a web interface.

Moreover, it is also equipped with an advanced business phone system that consists of unique features, one feature is its capacity to effectively “convert” an office device. This allows teams from different regions to be together in one PBX system. Integrating with mainstream IP phones and SIP trunks is also one of its features.

Best Features:

Centralized setup

With just a few clicks, administrators and even users can already set up, through the cloud, a PBX business phone system. As the system can be deployed easily, scaling the company’s business phone needs, whether up or down, can be adjusted through PBX by users, such as the concurrent calls and the number of users.

Built for CX

With customer-centricity in mind, the Yeastar Cloud PBX allows you to customize your business phone which can vary depending on customer demand. This platform also comes with instant messaging.

Flexible VoIP

To optimize its usability, Yeastar allows service providers to use various devices. As long as the software is compatible, Telecom resellers and providers can use their own IP phones and SIP trunks to tailor VoIP plans by basing on their business model.

Axon Virtual PBX

Want phone calls to be more efficient? The Axon Virtual PBX is a platform perfect for you! This phone system uses a state-of-the-art VoIP technology that addresses the needs of businesses and call centers. It helps scale the needs of your company.

Pricing for Axon Virtual PBX is available in two different editions. The enterprise edition costs over $259 while the business edition costs $139. For smaller businesses, a basic and free edition is available. Software bundles are also an option.

Best Features:

Complete PBX Features

Complete with all standard features needed in a phone system, Axon Virtual PBX can accommodate recordings, holds, and call transfers. It also has predictive dialing, video conferencing options, and digital call routing that will make communication a lot easier.

Easily Accessible Control Panel

Overseeing operations has never been made easier than Axon Virtual PBX. This platform provides you with an easily accessible web-like control panel accessed remotely which allows on-the-go monitoring of operations.

Integrates With Other Systems

Axon Virtual PBX can be used as a standalone or as in conjunction with an analog PSTN landline phone or a VoIP system, depending on what you choose for your business. This option is great for businesses that already have a phone system but is still aiming to upgrade their platform.

Comcast VOIP

This is a scalable phone system, running on an operated network that is privately owned. As it is one of the largest VoIP providers on the market, Comcast VOIP has long been famous for its cost-efficiency and reliability. It provides a variety of cloud-based communication solutions, phone line options, and is complete with phone systems perfect for working with existing PBX equipment.

There are three types of platforms with different plans offered for Comcast VOIP which range from $29.95 per month/line up to $34.95 per month/seat.

Best Features:

Specialized Solutions for Varying Needs

The solutions Comcast VoIP offers depend on your business requirements. So it doesn’t matter if you're a small business or a large enterprise, options are available for you to choose from.

Powerful Mobile Features

Running a business requires speed and for this to take place, Comcast VoIP provides powerful features that allows you to take calls anywhere. Along with this are queue agents and automated attendants that can make you accommodate clients as efficiently as possible.

Comprehensive Administrative Portal

With a feature that allows you to have a bird’s eye view of your business operations, a comprehensive admin portal is offered by Comcast VoIP to manage and monitor real-time communications infrastructure.

Jive Voice

For businesses big and small, Jive Voice is a platform that provides a cloud-native, rapid, scalable VoIP solution perfect for a smooth business communication streamlining. It has both basic and advanced features for a unified and efficient communication to take place through the use of Mobile, Jive Web, and Desktop. You can also tailor it depending on your business needs. It allows for call parking, voice recognition, call recording, ring groups, encryption, cloud PBX, virtual fax, and a lot more.

Payment for Jive Voice varies. For entrepreneurs with businesses that have one to 100 users, the price can range from $19.95 to $29.95. As for businesses with users that are more than 100 users, the vendor should be contacted personally in order for special and custom pricing to be offered.

Best Features:

Call routing made easy

Using the online portal, on-the-go management of your cloud-based phone system can be made possible. It provides features that allow scheduling calls in advance as it has a custom schedule and dial plan editor. Customized greetings can also be provided for the customers which can be fully integrated into your custom schedules. With just a few clicks, the entire yearly schedule can be done. To add even more, the routing process is also simplified through using tools like auto-attendants, HTTP notifies nodes, voicemail boxes, wait times, and more.

Find Me/Follow Me module

Routing calls are made by Jive Voice to be a lot easier. Specified sequences when transferring calls can be used to make seem like effortless and unified communication experience. At any time, transactionx and correspondence can be done anywhere.

Maximum call security

To ensure the safety of the privacy of each correspondence, Jive Voice provides necessary encryption capabilities. Through the Admin portal, devices and handsets that support secure calling can be viewed and monitored.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager

The Cisco Unified Communications Manager prides itself on letting users manage calls in a secure and scalable interface. As it can be accessible in any device, its integrated collaboration infrastructure allows for messaging as well as video calling to happen anywhere. And don’t worry, its endless features comply with every industry standard.

The pricing for Cisco has not been provided in public, so don’t forget to give the vendor a call if you’re interested.

Best Features:

Secure, Unified Communication Options

Consolidation of the communication infrastructure is what Cisco is all about as it has a unified phone system that features IP telephony, instant messaging, as well as HD video conferencing that help optimize your operations. For ensuring that every data is secured and privacy is guaranteed, each of these features is protected with the latest encryption and authentication protocols.

Local and Global System

Reaching your target audience should never be a problem when it comes to Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Both local and global numbers are supported and can cater to every need of SMBs as well as large enterprises.

Highly Configurable Interface

Modify your phone system as much as you want with Cisco’s highly configurable interface. With a plethora of gateways and a wide array of third-party integrations, embedding all the needed applications for the improvement of your operations can be easily made possible.


Vonage, a cloud-based phone system, aims to grow alongside your business. With a 99.999% uptime boost, Vonage can be accessible through desktop and mobile devices and runs on your high-speed internet. What makes this become part of the list is its 40 business phone features that can be optimized by users.

A three monthly subscription plan is offered by Vonage. Mobile costs $19.99 per user. The Premium is $29.99 per user. While the Advanced subscription plan costs $39.99 per user.

Best Features:

Customizable Business Phone System

You can personalize communication systems through Vonage as it has an innovative API platform. Through this, providing your customers with the service they deserve can be made possible. From tweaking a bit of the tool to adding a few third-party applications to it, this feature gives you all the options.

All-in-One Platform

You can also optimize your workforce’s productivity through Vonage through the use of other cloud-based applications. Their interface, which can be used easily, can be integrated into different office programs, such as G Suite, Office365, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce to maximize your operations.


Do you aim to make your communications infrastructure more simple and unified? Dialpad is the best business phone system for that! With big industries such as Quora, TED, Xero, and Asaba, Dialpad has become a trusted intuitive cloud-based platform that enables your applications to work together while, at the same time, remove context switching.

A three-payment package is available for Dialpad. These are priced accordingly on the number of users, offices, and departments that support it simultaneously. Each user’s rate can go from $15 to $25 per month. Options for annual billing are also available.

Best Features:

Flexible Phone System

For business numbers that you want to retain, Dialpad can make that possible for free. Dialpad also makes switching from one service provider to another a lot less time consuming since you won’t have to set up a different account. To top it all off, 24/7 tech support as well as customer training is provided along with its features to help you maximize the platform.

Diverse Integrations and Device Options

Dialpad can also be accessed through mobile and desktop devices and does not require you to have additional hardware to work. The only thing to do is to install it, add contacts, and change the system how you want it. It also offers a better user experience by catering to a variety of integrations that aims to meet your needs.

Ideal for Meetings and Collaboration

Are impromptu meetings often happening in your business? Dialpad also has features that allow you to hold a conference call with just a few clicks. It has video calling as well as instant group messaging perfect for collaborative activities.


Are you always on the go? Grasshopper is a phone system that allows you to run your businesses using just your cellphones. Along with its multiple extensions, transcribe voicemails, and facilitate call forwarding, it also accommodates business texting through your local number or toll-free.

With three subscription plans that depend on the number of phone numbers and extensions that you need, the price of Grasshopper’s phone system ranges from $26 to $80 per month.

Best Features:

Professional-Grade Call Management

If you’re in a circumstance where you’re finding a way to establish your brand, the Grasshopper can make it a lot easier for you. From customized phone greetings to conference calls and business SMS facilitating, handling all this can be made in a more professional manner. With this, a good company reputation will be made possible along with the great service that you can provide to your customers.

Name Directory Options

Doing business over the phone can be hard, especially when you’re keeping tabs of clients and potential partners. To make the task easier, a name directory option is a feature Grasshopper provides. This will get rid of the time-consuming sorting of long phone listings and will provide a more efficient way of finding your contacts.

Compatible With Your Mobile Device

Grasshopper does not require you to buy any hardware which makes it especially ideal for companies with limited financial resources. Its features can be deployed through your existing phone so you won’t have to purchase anything fancy.


3CX is an open-standard IP PBX. It can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise or in the cloud making you have a lot of options. This platform offers a unified solution for communications and enables the improvement of management effort all the while cutting down your telco costs. To help view and monitor operations, this can be accessible through iOS and Android devices.

Numerous annual subscription options are offered by 3CX. This is based on the number of both simultaneous calls and features. For the capacity of minimum calls, you are given three options. Choose their free phone system, pay for their Pro plan that costs $250, or choose the Enterprise plan which costs $303 as it can hold up to four simultaneous calls. When priced accordingly, 3CX provides up to 1,024 simultaneous calls.

Best Features:

Web Conferencing Solutions

Optimize the conferencing options offered by 3CX for your operations. Collaborations can be made easier with these features, it also makes communication with business partners more simple. With this option, stronger relationships will be built, acceleration of your workflow will be possible, and having a more positive workplace will take place.

CRM Integration Options

The way you handle your relationship with customers is essential to any type of business. 3CX is a platform that enables customer service to improve through analyzing client interactions and reinforcing customer retention. Streamline your operations with 3CX’s CRM integration options and make jumping from platform to platform a lot less time-consuming.

Self-Installed and Managed

For novice users, 3CX is the best platform as it is very easy to use. Its user-friendly design lets it be self-installed and managed so providing financial costs for installation fees and hiring technicians to maintain it will never be a problem.

Overall Business Phone System Costs

Price points, as well as structures, vary when it comes to Multi-Line business phone systems. The two factors that determine the costs are both the PBX system as well as the equipment used to host the phone system.

For on-premises systems, the costs are only paid one-time. On the other hand, cloud-hosted phone systems are paid monthly. Each price varies for each type of system. This depends on the quantity of the users and features that you’d want for your business.

Cloud-Hosted Pricing

Setup costs and large installations, when it comes to Cloud-hosted pricing, are usually not needed since the PBX equipment hosted has already been stored in the cloud. This type of phone system usually costs each user between $10 to $75 per month. A lot of office phone system providers come with a number of service plans that depend on price and included features for each business. Most businesses tend to mix and match service plans in order for employees to have access to the features they will need.

An example is when a service plan with basic features, such as voicemail and caller ID, unlimited calling, and call forwarding can cost each user $25 per month. When upgraded to have more advanced features like call recording, ring groups, and automated attendants, it will now cost each user up to $35 to $40 per month.

Take a look at these estimates, located below, of how much businesses of various sizes can cost. These do not include taxes or any other surcharges:
Business Service Cost per Month
10 employees $100 and $500
25 employees $250 and $1,250
50 employees $500 and $2,500
100 employees $1,000 and $5,000

To add on the monthly fees, for cloud-hosted systems, new IP phones are also needed. Typically, phones cost from $50 up to $400 each. Another alternative is to rent phones from your providers for as little as $5 each per month.

What to Expect in 2020 ?

One thing to expect in the year 2020 is the continuous growth of cloud-hosted VoIP systems. In recent years, a steady move by the cloud businesses was present. However, research shows that starting this March, hosted systems will continue to increase even more especially in the years to come.

According to research, in the year 2024, the market for the cloud-hosted unified communications will go up to $13 billion. This is a significant number when compared to the $9 billion in revenue for on-premises solutions.

While businesses continue to pause various projects and services due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we are expected to face more challenges on a daily basis making it even harder to run a business smoothly.

By having phone systems, your customer success team can continually monitor customer queries and can be prepared, as always, to respond to any business needs as they arise.