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5 Best Fire Alarm Sprinkler Sytem of 2020

Fire Alarm Sprinkler Sytem

What Does a Fire Sprinkler System Cost?

Each fire sprinkler system has a price that depends on its size. It also varies on the type of fire sprinklers that you plan to install.

Have a look at the 2013 Fire Alarm Cost Assessment from the Fire Protection Research Foundation which shows the difference in the cost per sprinklered ft2 for the 2008 study and 2013 update.

  • For brand new construction projects, it can cost $1 to $2 per sprinklered square foot.
  • For retrofitting businesses and homes that already exist, it can cost $2 to $7 per sprinklered square foot.
  • For high-rise buildings retrofit, up to $2 to $4 per sprinklered square foot.
  • As for retrofitting historic buildings, it can go up to $10 per sprinklered square foot.
Sprinkler System Cost

What are the Best Fire Alarm Sprinkler Systems?

The damage a fire can do can be unfathomable and will come with big costs that no owner will ever want to face. Here’s the perfect time to reevaluate your choice of only having fire extinguishers and alarms as it might not be enough as a fire suppression system, depending on the building that you have.

To ensure that your home is well protected from fire, smoke detectors should be on the top of your list.

First Alert BRK 3120B:Most Frequently Sold

Price: $26.98

With its cheap price and simple design, the BRK 3120B can be quite underestimated by many. Equipped with photoelectric and ionization sensors that do a really good job at detecting smoke, from smoldering fires to flaming ones, this top-quality product is frequently sold, has long been given the title "Amazon Choice", and comes with a 4.5-star average from over 4,000 Amazon ratings. Its features involve an OptiPath 360 patented technology that allows smoke to enter the device from all sides as well as flashing LED lights that can help easily identify which unit triggered a low-battery alert or an alarm. Up to 18 First Alert devices can also be interconnected to this smoke alarm, which includes heat alarms and CO detectors.

Google Nest Protect S3003LWES: Smart Smoke Detector

Price: $99.00

Protect your home with this good looking, high-quality, talking smoke alarm that has a built-in carbon monoxide detector. Google Nest Protect S3003LWES can be expensive to some but this alarm comes with a lot of benefits that are worth every penny. It has the ability to differentiate steam and smoke with its heat and humidity sensors and is equipped with a “split spectrum” sensor that utilizes blue LED technology and infrared photoelectric that will keep you from both slow to fast-burning fires. It warns you of possible danger through a pleasant voice that can be silenced with just one click on the phone and can also be connected to up to 18 other devices such as a smart thermostat. You can even connect it to your phone through Wi-fi to check activities periodically.

X-Sense SD03: 10-year Battery Smoke Detector

Price: $27.99

Do you often forget to change batteries? Is it hard to hardwire a smoke alarm? If so, this cheap smoke alarm is perfect for you. With X-Sense SD03, all you need to do is to check the overall functioning every month. This smoke detector uses an advanced photoelectric sensor that alerts you when there’s a smoldering flame or flaming fires. However, before the alarm activates, it's set up to take three samples of smoke to avoid false triggers caused by burnt toasts. Along with the alarm comes with a three-color LED light that can be easily spotted in the dark

First Alert SCO500B: Smoke+Carbon Monoxide Detector

Price: $59.99

Fire is obviously already very scary, but Carbon Monoxide (CO) is another less obvious danger that you should also be scared of. Using fuel-burning appliances can be poisonous as it helps build up CO in your home. First Alert SCO500B is another talking alarm that will help you with fire and invisible gases, the difference is that it’s much cheaper than the one listed above. This photoelectric sensor has a voice that alerts you when it can sense smoke or carbon monoxide and directs you to which unit triggered the alarm sounds. It can also be wirelessly connected to up to 16 devices.

Kidde i12060: Budget Smoke Detector

Price: $12.96

For big families with bigger houses, 10 or more smoke detectors for each room can be a big budget. This is where Kidde i12060 enters the scene. With this cheap alarm, protecting your family can be a lot less pricey. This hardwired ionization smoke alarm works well for basic fire detection and is equipped with standard features such as a low battery alert light, a silence button, a back-up battery that is easy to access. It also works best when paired with other devices especially when it is used in conjunction with a photoelectric fire alarm. That’s why it can also interconnect with over 24 other devices.

Other Factors to Consider Impact Cost

Pipe material:

To keep the costs down, use plastic as the type of piping as it is the most affordable. However, for some places like unfurnished basements and garages, a copper piping will be needed and can increase your installation cost.

System features:

Most businesses come with access to the municipal water supply that might need an installment of a backflow preventer, especially if an antifreeze solution runs for your system. However, in circumstances where your place acquires water from a private water source or through a well, a booster pump and a water storage tank for your sprinkler system might be needed. All these will add to the installation cost.

System design:

The majority of fire sprinklers use pipes that are standalone consisting of dedicated water supply, while others combine pipes for fire sprinklers and domestic use, making them multipurpose. What costs more is the standalone system compared to the multipurpose one especially when new construction projects are installed.

Lifetime costs:

Think twice before you invest in a sprinkler system and consider the idea that a lot of insurance companies give discounts to buildings and establishments with automatic fire sprinklers. So factor these savings up and determine the long-term costs of these installations.