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Best Pizza Delivery POS Systems for 2020

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Shopping for a new POS System for your pizza restaurant? Your life may soon get a little bit easier. When pizza delivery companies rely on the top point of sales (POS) systems to process purchases from customers, they are guaranteeing that the interactions between customers and themselves are carried out smoothly! With these systems offering multiple features, they can ensure that the relationship between your business and clients will carry on in the future. A modern POS system will engage with the customers and provide sales analytics to make accounting simpler, while providing a way for owners to better understand how their company is performing.

To make a pizza establishment stand out amongst the competition, these devices include software to analyze data from daily purchases collected by the main electronic cash register tool. Additionally, POS systems can track deliveries, monitor inventory, employ caller ID, allow users to modify orders, and manage table orders. The top POS systems stand out for their interactive, customizable, efficient, and affordable features. Let’s take a look at some of the best pizza delivery POS systems on the market!

Lavu POS Systems

For a fair price, pizza delivery parlors may purchase Lavu’s speedy POS system to increase customer loyalty. Designed to ensure profits continue to rise, this POS system offers solutions that can manage every aspect of a business. Ideal for users that are familiar or interested in the multi-functionality of iPads, this is the leading mobile POS system for restaurants and bars!

As one of the first iPad POS systems in the App Store, Lavu provides a well-rounded service that is used by thousands of businesses in over 90 countries. With this enhanced software, users will continue to have swift service and won’t have to worry about man-made mishaps, like misplaced orders or unclear sales data. Its cloud-based management system offers hundreds of features along with an intuitive interface and centralized data storage.

Pizza delivery businesses are sensitive towards time, so having a POS system that can speed up service without losing quality is crucial. With the use of iPads, this mobile, light, and quick device will make ordering pizza a breeze. Lavu accepts various payment types, such as cards, chips, or electronic payment services like Apple Pay.

This top pizza delivery POS system by Lavu is perfectly developed with the workings of delivery companies, enabling users to order online for take-out or delivery. Combining online ordering with GPS-based delivery, customers can log multiple addresses to help delivery persons with each directional turn to save the most amount of time.

There are over 300 features that Lavu offers, but the main ones for pizza delivery businesses are:

  • Virtual pizza creators
  • Kitchen display systems
  • Gift and loyalty applications
  • Simple check-out
  • Customer tracking database
  • Customer-facing displays

Lavu offers flexible pricing plans to assist restaurants and other companies in their purchasing of POS systems. There are three plans created that users may select from, which include:

  • Single Lavu Terminal
  • Multi-terminal Plans
  • Enterprise Plans

The cost for the Single Lavu Terminal is around $70 to $100 per month, billed annually. The prices for the other plans may be discussed with a Lavu consultant.

Interested companies may test whether the Lavu POS system is a great match for them through scheduling a demo via the Lavu website. This company provides assistance with a 24/7 US-based Customer Care team that can be contacted through chat, email, or phone. Also, there’s a comprehensive resource database called Knowledge Base, that users may seek for help.

Upserve POS Systems

Upserve developed an all-in-one POS system to boost profits and aid in restaurant management. Through using its payment processing, point of sale, and valuable insights, users may easily oversee their management system and make sure productivity is at its best. With a reliable and easy-to-install system, along with 24/7 U.S.-based support experts, pizza delivery parlors don’t have to worry about wasting valuable time dealing with system interruptions.

Designed with a professional and sleek look, Upserve’s POS system terminals are innovative and dependable. Its pizza restaurant POS, formerly known as “Breadcrumb,” provides features to support online orders, delivery, and live reporting.

Making sure a delivery arrives on time, this system merges call-in and online orders into one location. Therefore, employees don’t have to worry about manually entering each customer’s orders and having this disorganized chaos of requests taking away too much time.

Along with Upserve’s online ordering feature, incoming orders can be managed in house, on the phone or online. Because orders may be complex, this system offers other ordering features, like the ability to add a tip, fee or delivery charge to any check or card. Once an ordered has been placed, it can be sent immediately to the kitchen.

Through partnering with the top, cutting-edge technology partners, like SynergySuite, KitchenSync, Ctuit’s RADAR software, the Upserve pizzeria POS system has elite software that specializes in restaurant management. With a unique variety of tools, managers can easily maintain organization and continue to encourage productivity.

Some of the features that Upserve offers include:

  • Splitting checks and items
  • Offline mode
  • Training mode
  • Restaurant analytics
  • Menu intelligence

For managers with little time, this system will best help maintain structure with further online tools that can be accessed anywhere. No matter the location, managers can check in on live reports like profit and loss statements, balance sheets, prime cost reports, multi-unit reporting and more. Furthermore, they may be able to create schedules, observe traffic analytics, track biometric time and attendance, automate payroll and bookkeeping.

To ensure that everything is running efficiently and that service is of high quality, the Upserve POS system is integrated with tools to track food safety, HACCP Compliance, and equipment and food monitoring. If something goes wrong, then users will be alerted instantly.

Upserve is one of the top choices for restaurants, saving users an average of 50 hours a month with a 30% annual revenue increase, according to their website. If you are interested in this pizza delivery POS system, the Upserve website offers a free online tour and a demo. There are three plans for users to choose from, including the:

Upserve POS System Average Costs

  • Core Plan, for a cost of around $60 to $75, about $60 to $100 per terminal
  • Pro Plan, for a cost of around $200 to $225, about $50 to $75 per terminal
  • Pro Plus Plan, for a cost of around $350 to $500, about $40 to $60 per terminal

The most popular plan is the Pro Plan, which includes a variety of additional services, like menu optimization, server performance, low inventory alerts, customizable rewards program, and guest lifetime value.

Loyverse POS Systems

This high-end software for restaurants combines multiple jobs into one. The Loyverse POS system observes order management, inventory management, employee management, visual sales analytics, customer loyalty program, and plenty more. With an easy-to-use interface, this system is one of the bests for saving time, allowing users to focus on increasing profits.

Users can quickly operate various management tasks from this one system to accomplish many things at once. Loyverse’s system can:

  • Accurately receive multiple orders with open tickets
  • Can use predefined tickets functionality to assign tables tickets with one click
  • Manage open tickets by splitting, merging, and moving items between tickets
  • Assign tickets to different employees

Elevating the customers’ experiences, this POS system is uncomplicated and allows for users to customize a menu fitting for the pizzeria’s needs. Users can manage the menu screen and adjust it accordingly, organizing the items and categories. Meanwhile, customers may easily add toppings and add-ons through modifiers, create different dining options (like take-out or delivery), apply discounts and taxes, and make notes.

With kitchen displays and printers paired with the POS system, once an order has been made, it can be sent to the kitchen, free of flaws. All items, quantities, modifiers, item and ticket comments can be shown at once, but in a visually organized matter to assist the kitchen staff. If there are multiple kitchen stations, these devices can be adjusted to include all of them.

To encourage customers to keep ordering from a pizza delivery business, users can implement the loyalty program with its reward system. Proving that they care for the requests of clients, users may even take notes with this system to remember the client’s personal preferences.

Managers may assess the productivity of their business through Loyverse’s reports. It can help them make informed business decisions through data on employee performance and information on the workload per hour. It will also track when employees clock in/out and calculate their total hours. Ensuring that sensitive information is protected, managers can limit access to this for specific employees.

If the business is part of a chain, owners can manage all their restaurants under one account with this POS system. In one location, users can track their sales, inventory, employees, and customers. Combining all the data, they can observe the sales growth or decline from a previous day, week, or month. Also, there are Sales by Item analytics to show what the best-selling items would be, helping to determine purchasing decisions.

Loyverse is one of the best choices for businesses because of its lower average prices for buying it. It is initially free to install on both iOS and Android mobile devices. However, for specific software abilities and devices, there will be additional costs. Along with the free POS, this company offers the following zero-cost additions:

  • Loyverse Dashboard
  • Loyverse Kitchen Display
  • Loyverse Customer Display

Furthermore, Loyverse the following items may be purchased to enhance the system:

  • Advance Inventory Software, for an average price of about $25 to $50 per month, per store
  • Employee Management and Timecards Software, for a price of about $5 to $10 per month, per employee

Toast POS Systems

Toast’s top POS system is perfect for any pizza delivery business, no matter the size. To this day, it is considered one of the best POS systems for pizza restaurants. A cloud-based software, this system integrates point of sale, digital ordering, reporting, and employee management all into this one location.

With its tableside service capabilities, the Toast POS system can be linked to handheld technology, allowing staff to spend more time with guests, accelerate service, and speed up the checkout. When a customer orders, staff can send it to the kitchen and wait for the Order Ready Notifications, alerting them when the order is ready to be delivered. If customers are eating inside, they can complete their payments (EMV or Card) directly at the tableside. Furthermore, if clients wish to respond with feedback via the system, employees may collect and respond to it immediately.

Owners may maintain control over their restaurant’s performance through Toast’s detailed analytics, accessible from anywhere, on any device. To determine crucial financial information, one of the detailed reports it provides is Location Overview, which shows a unified view of net sales and labor costs across one or hundreds of locations. There’s also the Sales Summary (which monitors performance for an extended time) and Product Mix (which monitors product mix and identifies improvement).

One of the best rules for pizza establishments to follow is that servers, delivery, and kitchen staff are all in sync. Toast’s POS system enables users to control this through Menu Management. With this feature, a menu can be updated from any location in a restaurant or from a smartphone. This is especially helpful with limited specials so that servers and kitchen staff are aware of the current menu.

Additionally, there is both a Menu Countdown, to oversee item availability, and a Single Menu option, which means all menus will share the same updates.

Potential users may request a quote from Toast online if they need specific prices. The Toast website explains that to purchase the Toast POS system, there’s a simple flat rate price. For detailed costs of the different components that the system will encompass, this is what they shared:

  • Installation is listed for a price of $500 t0 $750 and can be done individually by users or a Toast expert may come and assist with it on site.
  • The Hardware Starter Bundle is listed as having 0% financing. The most popular hardware costs about $900 to $1,200 and includes one 10" terminal, flip stand, and magnetic card reader.
  • The Software is listed for a price of around $80 to $100 per terminal, and includes online ordering and a loyalty program.

Revel POS Systems

Revel carefully designed its Revel Pizza POS system to fulfill all the requirements of a pizza establishment, making as little work as possible for users. With a goal to encourage these businesses to beat delivery deadlines and still maintain a high-quality service, this system has been adapted with various tools to assist users.

Revel carefully designed its Revel Pizza POS system to fulfill all the requirements of a pizza establishment, making as little work as possible for users. With a goal to encourage these businesses to beat delivery deadlines and still maintain a high-quality service, this system has been adapted with various tools to assist users.

Both clients and customers will want to use this system with its simple customization options. Managers can create a menu that best organizes all the items and categories that the business offers. However, if they want customers to make their own specialized pizza, they can fully customize their own as well with this system.

Meanwhile, items and ingredients are checked precisely through inventory tracking and live sales reports.

When a customer is ready to place an order, there are multiple options that Revel provides for them. They can order through a mobile device, online orders, or even a self-service kiosk inside the restaurant, whatever is most convenient for them. To pay, there are different forms of payment accepted, including major credit cards, EMV chip cards, and ApplePay. Transactions may be processed through Revel Advantage, so users may enjoy industry-low rates.

Revel employs a Cash Management feature for users to always stay updated on the latest financial reports. This tool enables employees to begin setting a starting till and to track it throughout the day. When a working day comes to an end, a virtual till may be used to accurately attribute the totals to the correct employees.

With an emphasis on maintaining a perfect delivery time, Revel includes extensive Delivery Management. From a POS system device, users can accept, manage, and track delivery orders directly. As soon as a driver is on the road, Revel will monitor the drivers’ check-ins and outs, cash on hand, and plotted delivery routes to check that everything is running smoothly and employees are completing their tasks to the best of their abilities.

One of the unique, built-in features that Revel provides (without additional costs) is the Always On Mode. If the inevitable happens, like slow internet or a power outage, this POS system ensures that businesses will still be able to process payments. With the technology’s advanced hybrid architecture, employees may still be able to have their iPad POS system run on a local network, uninterrupted.

Additionally, the Revel POS system includes an open application program interface (API). With a large network of the best integrated partners, users may add their own integrations to the POS system. The list of the top integrated partners that Revel works with include:

  • Pepper
  • Braintree
  • Stripe
  • Repeat Returns
  • Deputy
  • X-Cart
  • Mobi2Go
  • Open Dining
  • 5.5 Degrees
  • Amaka
  • Expensify
  • Avero
  • Digital Pour

There are three components that interested pizza establishment owners may want to consider when purchasing this system. These parts include:

  • Installation, for a price around of $650 to $1,000 per terminal, which includes follow up support.
  • Processing, for a flat fee that can be approximated through request a quote.
  • Software, costs an average of $100 to $150 a month per terminal.

No matter the type of plan and how it has been customized for each customer, each plan will provide:

  • 24/7 phone and online support
  • Free automatic product updates
  • Secure cloud backup
  • Personalized onboarding
  • Unlimited users
  • Always On Mode

The hardware devices that may be connected with the POS system include Apple iPads, iPad stands, self-service kiosks, payment devices, printers, barcode scanners, networking, cash drawer and till.

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